September 21, 2004 FGDC Coordination Meeting Summary

Host: Nancy Blyler, USACE


Ivan DeLoatch, FGDC
Alison Dishman, FGDC
Bill Burgess, NSGIC
Brenda Smith, EPA
Carol Brandt, USDOT
Joel Schlagel, USACE
Doug Vandegraft, DOI/FWS
Jack Sanders, UCGIS
Joe Evjen, NOAA
George Percivall, OGC
Brett Abrams, NARA
Doug Nebert, FGDC
Kathy Covert, FGDC
Sandra Downie, GSA
Kevin Neimond, NACo
Betsy Kanalley, USFS
Laura Mizner, DHS
Ralph H Crawford, USFS
David Jefferson, NGA
Susan Hargrove, DOE
Myra Bambacus, NASA
Lee R. Warren, NGA
Milo Robinson, FGDC
M.K. Miles, USACE
Randy Fusaro, Census
Donald Draper Campbell, FCC
Tony LaVoi, NOAA
Donald Buhler, BLM
Ingrid Milton, NRCS

Future Directions Teams - Tricia Gibbons, LEAD Alliance & Milo Robinson, FGDC

Milo Robinson updated the Coordination Group on the Future Direction Action Team membership and activities. The action teams must submit an action plan by December. The FGDC Steering Committee will receive periodic progress reports for the Future Directions effort.

The first task for each action team is creating an action plan. Please contact Milo Robinson if you need help with your action plan (

Lesley Ogrosky and Bill Burgess updated the group on their teams activites:

Lesley Ogrosky, Communications Action Team co-lead, updated the Coordination Group on her team's activities. The Communications Team held their first meeting and drafted their team charter that defined the team's purpose, product, scope of responsibility, and meeting schedule. They have planned weekly meetings planned as well as a workshop.

Bill Burgess, the lead for the State Participation Team, updated the Coordination Group on his team's activities. His group will establish baseline measurements for statewide participation in the NSDI, develop promotional materials for CIOs and State government executives, and will measure annually statewide and regional participation in the NSDI.

For more information, this powerpoint presentation will be posted on the FGDC website with the meeting minutes.

[PowerPoint 95KB]

USGS GIO Reorganization - Ivan DeLoatch, FGDC

On August 17 the Director of USGS issued a memorandum to consolidate the national programs in USGS, focusing on research. This reorganization will unify and simplify the geospatial activities related to the development of the NSDI. A cross cutting collaborative role is required to coordinate and leverage geospatial data investments. The GIO reorganization will be completed in a 90 day period. Lynda Wayne will be involved with both the NSDI and National Geospatial Program Office (NGPO) plans in order to prevent duplication.

Over the 90 day period, USGS will engage customers and partners through focus groups, peer reviews and reports, and listening sessions. Please email your suggestions, thoughts or ideas regarding the GIO reorganization to

Comment: USGS State liaisons should represent the all members of the FGDC - so that local questions can be answered quickly.

The States would like a regional coordination mechanism that is supported by the Feds.

FEMA and EPA regions are dovetailing. We could have integration by place.

Response: At a minimum, the USGS State liaisons will have a network of contacts in each agency. This will be addressed in the 90 day plan.

[PowerPoint 3.9MB]

Framework Data Standards Update -

The Framework Data Standards were released for review in July. The 90 day review period closes on October 30. So far, 243 people have registered to participate in the review. The Framework Data Standards will be complete by September 2005. For more information please visit

Action 1: Federal Theme Leads should begin forming editing teams - using the Modeling Advisory Teams that are already in place.

USACE & GOS - Joel Schlagel, USACE

By the end of this year, 54,000 miles of waterways will be in the GOS portal. The metadata will be registered in GOS this week.

USACE is settling up an infrastructure so that the rest of USACE data can be accessed through GOS using web services. There will be two architectures: one to support data internally and one to support GOS. USACE already has customized internal applications based on user need. USACE must withhold some information from the general user community - so the information showed on the public viewer interface will be based on permissions associated with the file.

USACE has a national group focused on building a single GIS database called CorpsMap. USACE districts will roll their data up through their division to the national database. CorpsMap would support traditional ESRI clients with data from TIGER and GDT, orthophotos and Corps data layers.

For more information: This powerpoint presentation will be posted on the FGDC website with the meeting minutes, or you can contact Joel Schlagel at

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FY04 Annual Report - Ivan DeLoatch

This year's annual report will have new questions regarding geospatial performance measures and investments. GAO is paying attention to this report - we can educate them about the value of geospatial information. The annual report questions will be sent out to the FGDC member agencies through the Coordination Group members in late October.

Suggestion: A section could be added to the annual report questions specifically for regulatory bodies that collect data from elsewhere, but do not purchase it.

Next Coordination Group meeting:

Oct 5, 2004
NCPC to host