February 4, 2003 FGDC Coordination Meeting Summary


Ivan DeLoatch, FGDC Acting Staff Director
Milo Robinson, FGDC
Hank Garie, GOS Executive Director
Robert Ader, BLM
Jason Racette, BLM
Mary Hartel, BLM
Dan Mates, BLM
Ed Harne, BLM
Anne Miglarese, NOAA
Howard Diamond, NOAA
David Stein, NOAA
Rick Yorczyk, NOAA
Ray Audet, HUD
Jon Sperling, HUD
Salvatore Sclafani, HUD/CPD
Anne O’Connor, Census
Scott McAffee, FEMA
Ron Matzner, FGDC/CEG
Michelle Torreano, EPA
Gregory Gwaltney, EPA
Jochen Albrecht, UCGIS/Uni of MD
Paul Young, USGS
Richard Pearsall, USGS
Billy Tolar, USGS/Nat’l Atlas
Chris Clarke, USDA/NRCS
Betxy Banas, USDA/FS
John Clark, GSA
Lee Warren, NIMA
Norman Anderson, ANSI/INCITS/L1
Cliff Kottman, OGC
John Stewart, DOE/EM
Myra Bambacus, NASA
John Moeller, TASC
Susan Hargrove, DOE
David Morehouse, DOE
Leslie Wollack, GOS/NASA
Carol Brandt, USDOT/BTS
Lou Kerestesy, GOS/Consensus Systems
Rob Dollison, GOS Orkand
Barry Napier, Inter’l GeoSpatial Preparedness Team
Kim Burns-Braidlow, ESRI
Lesley Ogrosky, FGDC
David Painter, FGDC
Julie Binder Maitra, FGDC
Al Stevens, FGDC Inter’l Program

Action Items:

Action 1: Milo Robinson will convene Review Team for Geospatial Investments, Monday February 10, 2003. Contact Milo Robinson for more information; 703.648.5162.

Action 2: Hank Garie and Ivan DeLoatch will establish a GOS Metadata "Forum" to discuss and resolve apparent discrepancies in GOS metadata implementation.

Action 3: Leslie Wollack will provide contacts to the NSDI Future Directions Effort in order to get stakeholder groups involved in the process.

Other Items:

-The public review of the draft Geospatial Interoperability Reference Model (GIRM) closes February 7, 2003. However, comments will be accepted late within the next few weeks. The draft can be found at: gai.fgdc.gov/girm/

-Leslie Wollack asks agencies for any planning on the survey of local data as part of the GOS initiative.

- Meeting Announcement for the National Center for Geospatial Intelligence Standards (NCGIS) Tiger Team activity. To be held February 18-19, 2003 at the NIMA Reston Auditorium. For more information and to confirm participation please contact by February 11, 2003:
Joan Barry - Phone (703) 755-5727/DSN prefix: 284, barryjo@nima.mil
Karen Irby- Phone (703) 755-5711/DSN prefix: 284, irbyk@nima.mil
Ron Carlson -Phone (703) 755-5716/DSN prefix: 284, carlsonr@nima.mil

- Next meeting of the Coordination Group will be held on March 4, 2003, at the Main Interior Building, 1850 C St., NW, Washington, DC, in the Rachel Carson Room (in the basement at the rear of the cafeteria on the left side)

Meeting Notes:

Hank Garie Welcomed as Geospatial One-Stop (GOS) Director
Hank was welcomed as the new GOS Director. Hank emphasized the importance of sending the GOS message to the larger GIS community and the importance of working closely with FGDC, and Federal initiatives to present a unified message to the community and stakeholder groups.

Review Team for Geospatial Investments - Milo Robinson
As a FGDC Steering Committee action item OMB requested that the FGDC develop a proposal and make suggestions for a review team to evaluate existing Federal geospatial investments as they contribute to achieving the goals of the NSDI as articulated in the OMB Circular A-16 (revised August 2002).
OMB passback language: No strategic approach to geospatial investments by USGS, Census and FEMA. Report to OMB identifies investments that can be combined in FY03 and whether a unified business case for FY04 in appropriate.

FGDC Options Paper: Short term Progress
Step 1: FGDC will convene a review team consisting of representatives from
FEMA, USGS, Census, OMB and the FGDC. Initial meeting to be held 2.10.03.
Step 2: Review team develops criteria based on A-16 and OMB needs focusing on areas of collaboration.
Step 3: Review team examines the agency Capital Assets Plans (Exhibit 300). Several items to be addressed include how to conduct this review, to whether to review other programmatic material and determining what OMB examiners need.
Step 4: Proposed last step to present results and recommendations to the FGDC Coordination Group, Steering Committee and the OMB.
A near term interim report will be issued in 2 months.

Update on Cadastral Standard Implementation - Bob Ader, BLM
Bob presented an overview of the current technology and coordination in implementation of the cadastral content standard. The cadastral data approach concentrates on being comprehensive and integrative rather than focusing on the pieces. There is a need to look beyond content to such things as positional accuracy and at dependencies in other themes for cadastral information. Lessons learned included the importance of supporting real-world decision making, keeping better decision making in the forefront, creating partnerships a the local level, and understanding the incentives for those with existing data.

Bob encouraged the participation of the FGDC and GOS staff in the upcoming May 6-8, 2003 Salt Lake City Western Governors' Association meeting on land records. Attached is the meeting brochure.

Jason Racette, BLM provides an illustration of partnership activities in the Yakama Cadastral/GIS Project. This is a cooperative venture of the BIA, BLM, and Yakama Indian Nation of Washington State. The Project combines the disciplines of Land Surveying, Realty, Cartography, Photogrammetry and Computer Science into a computer database of land status. Attached is project summary.

Implementation of Guidance for GOS Modules 2 and 3 - Ivan DeLoatch for Sharon Shin.
Issues arose concerning the apparent discrepancies between the endorsed Metadata version-2 standard, the emerging ISO standard and the "Federal Agency Guidance for Modules 2 and 3 of the GOS Initiative. Hank Garie encouraged agencies to focus on GOS goals and to make the "best effort" in implementing metadata requirements for modules 2 and 3, and that issues surrounding inconsistencies between standards and instructions can be resolved as part of an ongoing process. Sharon Shin, Modules 2 and 3 Coordinator is currently addressing the issues raised at the meeting. Hank Garie and Ivan DeLoatch will establish a metadata forum to clarify and resolve these issues.

Update on NSDI Future Directions Effort - Ivan DeLoatch

The future directions effort will focus on business context common to all stakeholders and analyze the function of the NSDI. The CEG will provide a strategic approach to the larger community. The FGDC role will be to facilitate this process. Leslie Wollack will provide contact information.