August 6, 2002 FGDC Coordination Meeting Summary

Host: M.K. Miles, USACE

Milo Robinson, FGDC
Jeff de La Beaujardiere, NASA
Jay Donnelly, USGS/National Atlas
Howard Diamond, NOAA
Nancy Blyler, USACE
Rick Yorczyk, NOAA
Carol Brandt, USDOT/BTS
Susan DeLost, USDA/USFS
Rik Waint, USACE
David Morehouse, DOE
Bob Rugg, UCGIS
Bill Burgess, MD DNR / NSGIC
Richard Pearsall, USGS
Michelle Torreano, EPA
Patric Crist, Nature Serve
Jack E. Huntley, USACE
Tomas M. Palmerlee, NRC/TRB
Jeff Booth, FEMA/Baker
Adam Schultz, USGS
Sharon Shin, FGDC
Rob Dollison, FGDC/Geospatial One Stop
Betsy Bannas, USDA/USFS

M. K. Miles - USACE

M. K. Miles welcomed the Coordination Group and spoke on the role of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and its role in mapping Inland Waterways, the distributed nature of the Corps, and its activities as the lead of the Facilities Working Group. USACE participates with FGDC regarding metadata, Clearinghouse, and data standards development and coordination.

Nancy Blyler - USACE Enterprise GIS

[ PowerPoint 499 KB ]

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is a decentralized organization with a very limited mapping mission. USACE's primary mapping mission is the Inland Waterways. Both the USACE Headquarters Enterprise GIS Effort and the District Level Enterprise GIS efforts were described, and the CorpsMap tool demonstrated. Currently, CorpsMap is available to only USACE Intranet users. Phase II of the project will look at linking to District/Division Enterprise GIS Databases.

M.K Miles - USACE also discussed the upcoming Geospatial Technologies 2002 Symposium being hosted by the CADD-GIS Technology Center for Facilities, Infrastructure, and environment in San Antonio, TX, August 20-22, 2002 and its co-location with the Joint Services Pollution Prevention & Hazardous Waste Management Conference & Exhibition (P2&HWM) August 19-22, 2002.

Adam Shultz - USGS GEODE (Geo-Data Explorer)

Adam Shultz provided a demonstration of GEODE (Geo-Data Explorer). GEODE is a U.S. Geological Survey Application for Data Retrieval, Display, and Analysis through the Internet. It provides digital geographically referenced data to the desktop computers of any user, including policymaker, land and resource managers, educators, industries, and private citizens. The ultimate goal of GEODE is to provide divers users a gateway (data portal) that will supply real-time data and analysis over the Internet without the need for special hardware, software or training.

There is both a Java and an HTML client version. It is FGDC, OGC, and 508 compliant. Properly structured databases can be added to the site. The project is in its sixth year and is currently staffed by four programmers, two USGS staff, and additional summer students. Contact Adam or Mark Divine for more information.

The GEODE Fact Sheet can be found at:

Patrick Crist - NatureServe DDS, ALDO Presentation

[ PowerPoint 13.5 MB ]

Nature Serve's mission is to develop, manage and distribute authoritative information critical to the conservation of the world's biological diversity. Nature Serve supports more than 70 Natural Heritage Programs and Conservation Data Centers with a central office of 90 staff advancing the network: data, analysis, and tools for decision making. Peter stated that biodiversity data alone are not sufficient. The challenge is to integrate biological, physical, and socioeconomic data within the decision frameworks of the planning process and powerful new decision support tools allow us to do this.

ALDO is a decision support system to help inform land use and conservation planning. It is designed to help avoid conflict by bringing conservation considerations into the early stages of the land use planning process. NatureServe is developing in collaboration with the University of California, Santa Barbara, USGS, ESRI, the Florida and Wyoming Heritage Programs and others. Initial funding is from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Nature Conservancy, and guided by an advisory panel representing state, county, city, NGO, and other perspectives.

Milo Robinson - FGDC

Coordination Group Business:

  • Introduced Sharon Shin, the new FGDC Metadata Coordinator. Sharon discussed her new position with the FGDC.
  • The Geospatial One Stop Project Manager position was announced this week and is open for two weeks. It is a Senior Level position.
  • The Steering Committee Meeting is on October 9th.
  • Bruce McKenzie is currently acting as the FGDC Staff Director until an interim Director is selected. Milo Robinson is the Geospatial One Stop point of contact until a Project Manager is selected.

Next Coordination Group meeting:

September 5, 2002
Hosted by NOAA
(An agenda will be forwarded in mid-August)