April 3, 2001 FGDC Coordination Meeting Summary

Please note there are several action items requiring quick response.

Host: Tony Frater, Office of Management and Budget

John Moeller, FGDC
David Painter, FGDC
Carl Zulick, BLM
Milo Robinson, FGDC
Charles Croner, CDC
Dick Willard, GITA
Bob Samborski, GITA
Ron Santos, USACE
Christine Clarke, NRCS
Julie Binder Maitra, FGDC
Howard Diamond, NOAA
Donald Buhler, BLM
Bob Dahl, BLM
Paul Keister, NACO
Alison Kiernan, USGS
Katie Ryan, LOC
Andrew Rushin, NOS
Richard Pearsall, FGDC/USGS
Paul Cutler, NRC
Carol Brandt, USDOT
Winifred Lyday, DOJ
Rick Yorczyk, NOAA
Bruce Ambacher, NARA
Leslie Wollaek, NSGIC
Ann Hale Miglarese, NOAA
Tony Frater, OMB
David Morehouse, DOE
Scott McAfee, FEMA

Introduction and Announcements - John Moeller, Director FGDC Staff
Allison Kiernan, USGS, has been selected as the new FGDC Executive Secretary. She will assume her new position upon lifting of the DOI personnel freeze.

- The World in a Box. - Bob Samborski, GITA. The Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) announced the availability of an educational video on the many uses of GIS around the world. The World in a Box is a new 1-hour public television special taking the viewer around the world to visit state-of-the-art GIS installations and the people who use them. For more information visit the GITA website at: www.gita.org. Feedback on video is welcome.

- NSDI Communications Toolkit - John Moeller, FGDC. The NSDI Communications Toolkit - a set of three interrelated briefing materials that describe the power of geospatial information and technology is now available. This communication package was developed through a joint National States Geographic Data Committee and FGDC effort. For more information on acquiring the toolkit can be found at: http://www.fgdc.gov/nsdi/docs/communications/index.html.

- Multi-hazard Mapping Initiative - Scott McAfee, FEMA (202.646.3317, scott.mcafee@fema.gov). As a requirement of the Stafford Relief and Emergency Assistance Act no fewer than 5 states are to develop multihazard advisory maps as a collaborative process of state and local government, and appropriate federal agencies. A goal of the initiative is that a web-based server will provide the public with hazard data based-on interoperability standards. Initiative will be in phases to be completed the end of 2002.

Attachment: Multihazard Mapping Initiative Overview

- Cadastral Subcommittee draft I-Team Cadastral Templates - Don Buhler, BLM (202.452.7781, don_buhler@blm.gov). Attached are two Implementation Team report templates for cadastral data implementation in the western and eastern U.S. The western version is for states that participate in Geographic Coordinate Data Base maintenance and the eastern version is for states that do not. Reports that will be based-on these templates will be incorporated into the overall I-Team plans.

    Action: Please review I-Team Cadastral Templates and return comments to Don Buhler by April 27, 2001.

Attachment: I Team Cadastral Template - Eastern States Version
Attachment: I Team Cadastral Template Draft Version 1, Western States Version (TBD - This version is unavailable at the moment but will be posted with this summary at the FGDC website as soon as it is available).

- Mapping Science Committee Licensing of Data Study - Anne Hale Miglarese, NOAA (843.740.1238, anne.miglarese@noaa.gov). The design of a data licensing study is underway. Funding sources need to be identified. Study is expected to last 20 months. Suggestions to design scope can be forwarded to Ann Hale Miglarese.

- Development of NSDI Procurement Language - John Moeller, FGDC (703.648.5752, jmoeller@fgdc.gov). It is expected that the NSDI boilerplate procurement language will be supported as the basis for language to be incorporated into federal procurements. Several personnel have been nominated as candidates to work on this task. Please contact John Moeller for more information.

- 5th Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Conference, "Sustainable Development: GSDI for Improved Decision-Making" (Cartagena, Columbia; May 21-25, 2001). For more information on this conference visit the GSDI website at: www.gisdi.org/gsdi5/.

- 2nd International Symposium on Digital Earth (Fredericton, New Brunswick; June 24 - 28, 2001). For more information on this conference visit www.digitalearth.ca.

Year 2000/2001 FGDC Agency Annual Report - Carl Zulick, BLM
Redesign of the annual report was discussed. Format redesign is intended for easier and logical reporting, and to provide information that is useful to OMB with enough information but avoiding excessive detail. All agencies will complete section A, section B as thematically appropriate, and section C by lead agencies of FGDC Thematic Subcommittees and Working Groups. The FGDC Steering Committee will have responsibility issuing request for the annual report.

    Action: Please review Annual Report format attachment and submit comments to David Painter (dpainter@fgdc.gov, fax: 703.648.5755, 703.648.5513) by April 20, 2001.

Attachment: FGDC Annual Report to OMB

A-16 Revision - Carl Zulick, BLM; Milo Robinson, FGDC
Revisions to the A-16 draft and the thematic definitions to date were discussed. Earthcover was noted as a theme needing additional review. With Carl Zulick returning to BLM, Milo Robinson will be the lead on circular revision. The April 13 draft revision will be reviewed internally by OMB. The goal will be to issue a Federal Register Notice for public review by early fall.

    Action: Comments on attached A-16 draft must be received by April 13, 2001. Please send comments to Milo Robinson (703.648.5162, mrobinson@fgdc.gov, fax: 703.648.5755).

The April 13 draft revision will be reviewed internally by OMB. The goal will be to issue a Federal Register Notice for public review by early fall.

Attachment: Revised OMB Circular A-16 Draft March 30, 2001

FGDC Standards Development Funds - Julie Binder Maitra, FGDC
The availability of funding was announced for standards development. Funding up to $10,000 is available for funding travel, meeting participation, test implementations etc. (Note Federal travel cannot be funded.) Funding proposals may be submitted by FGDC Subcommittees and Working Groups only, and will be evaluated by FGDC representatives. For more information contact Julie Binder Maitra (703.648.4627, jmaitra@fgdc.gov, fax: 703.648.5755).

    Action: Subcommittees and Working Groups should submit funding proposals to Julie Binder Maitra by April 24, 2001.

Attachment: Request for Standards Development Funds

ISO Standards Development - Julie Binder Maitra, FGDC
Report on current status of ISO standards development.

Attachment: ISO/TC211: Geographic Information/Geomatics

FGDC/ISO Metadata Harmonization - Richard Pearsall, FGDC/USGS
Overview of current activities to harmonize ISO metadata standards in development and the FGDC endorsed Metadata content standard. Development of a US/FGDC metadata profile to mediate the harmonization was discussed. The goal is to establish the profile with available software by late summer and fall 2001. For more information contact Rick Pearsall (703.648.4532, rpearsall@fgdc.gov, fax: 703.648.5755).

Attachment: Metadata Harmonization Activities

2001 NSDI CAP Proposals - David Painter, FGDC
This years Cooperative Agreements Funding Program (CAP) closed March 15. Fifty-three proposals were received for the 4 funding categories under this year's CAP. It is expected that most applications will be recommended for award. These recommendations are expected to be presented at the May 1, 2001 Coordination Group meeting for concurrence. For more information contact David Painter (703.648.5513, dpainter@fgdc.gov).

Attachment: CAP 2001 Proposals

FGDC Steering Committee Meeting - John Moeller, FGDC
Secretariat is currently waiting for response from the DOI Headquarters on selection of FGDC Chair. It is proposed that the next FGDC Steering Committee Meeting be held off till June. Currently, there is one standard awaiting Steering Committee endorsement. In order to issue electronic ballots for standards endorsement and meeting participation, an updated listing is needed of Steering Committee representatives and contact information. Current Steering Committee representatives are listed in the attachment. Potential topics for the Steering Committee Meeting include: A-16 revision, the OMB initiative, and the FGDC Annual Report.

    Action: Please review and identify Steering Committee Representatives and their contact information and provide to David Painter (dpainter@fgdc.gov) by April 13, 2001.

Attachment: Steering Committee Representative List

Next Coordination Group Meeting

    Date: May 1, 2001
    Site: TBD
    Agenda Topics:
      - Intergraph presentation on NSDI implementations
      - 2001 CAP Award recommendations
      - Standards Development Award recommendations
      - OGC
      - GPS Advisory Committee
      - Standards integration

    Please submit topic and meeting site suggestions to David Painter.