May 6, 1997 FGDC Coordination Meeting Summary


Dave Catlin (EPA); Leslie Godwin (Census); Bob LaMaccia (Cultural and Demographic); Bruce Spear(Ground Trans); Charles Roswell (NIMA); Bruce Ambacher (Historical Data); Jan Morton (Geologic); MK Miles (Facilities); Nancy Blyler (USACE); Kevin Bakke (Standards); John Stewart (DOE); Kathy Clement (Base Carto); Win Lyday (NACo); Hank Garie (NSGIC); Gale TeSelle (Earth Cover); Lance McKee OGC); Tom Palmerlee (UCGIS); Gerry Barton (NOAA); Gene Thorley (Chair, Coordination Group); John Moeller, Kathy Covert, Barbara Poore (FGDC Secretariat)


Larry Naake, Executive Director of NACo welcomed the coordination Group to the National Association of Counties Offices. Mr. Naake also commented on the positive response he received from Randy Johnson NACo President-Elect about the FGDC Steering Committee meeting held on April 30, 1997.

Information Items and Follow-up of April Meeting

Privacy Issues:

Action Comments on Privacy Abstract due to Kathy Covert FGDC Staff by May 15, 1997

Communications for the NSDI:


    Comment on Outline due to Barbara Poore, FGDC Staff by May, 23, 1997

1997 Framework Demonstration Projects Program:

Project proposal deadline for submission closed May 16. Proposals will be mailed out to reviewers around May 21 for individual review. The review panel will be convened June 25-27 at USGS National Center Reston.


    2-3 reviewers still needed. Please submit names to David Painter FGDC Staff ASAPA

An interim progress meeting with 1996 FDPP representatives will be held Thursday May 29, 1997 in the "Large Buffet Room" Main Interior Building 1849 C Street. Room is located on the left hand side of the Interior Cafeteria. Framework Focus Group as well as other FGDC members are invited.

July FGDC Newsletter


    Submit articles to David Painter by June 13.

Recap of April 30 Steering Committee

The actions agreed to at the Steering Committee Meeting were reviewed and discussed to ensure that they correctly reflected the decisions. Due dates for actions were also assigned. The following are the actions from the Steering Committee Meeting and will also be included in the report for that meeting:

Action Items From the April 30, 1997 Steering Committee Meeting (Revised)

Recommendations were developed prior to the Steering Committee Meeting by the participants from the National Association of Counties (NACo), the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) and the FGDC recognized Cooperating Groups. These recommendations were developed to further the implementation of the NSDI strategy with a focus on items of importance to states and counties. Action items were the result of discussions on these recommendations.


Increase resources for development of foundational data sets to enhance collaborative decision-making.


  • (A.) NSGIC with cooperating groups recognized by the FGDC will solicit input from states, counties, etc to develop a short list of Federal programs that have potential for developing new criteria that will allow use of funds for spatial data collection.

  • (B) Karen Siderelis (NC) will identify opportunities where data used for Environmental Impact Statements and other similar activities could be more broadly used to support NSDI foundational data functions such as framework. Target date: August FGDC Coordination Group Meeting.


    Examine and identify state, local and federal level government incentives, and data collection funding models that can be adopted for increasing the resources for development of a foundational data series to support collaborative decision-making. Kathy Clement (USGS) and Gene Trobia (AZ) will lead federal and states' effort with assistance from Drew Decker (TX), Bruce Joffe (CA), and a participant to be identified by Randy Johnson (NACo). Target date: August FGDC Coordination Group Meeting.


Improve understanding and ensure participation of federal field offices in local spatial data coordination and development.


    FGDC Secretariat will draft guidance for instructions and recommendations to federal agency field offices, and state and local government, and coordination groups to improve coordination of data collection and sharing.

    John Moeller (FGDC) will lead this effort with Susan Lambert (KY), Nancy McCann (WY), David Stage (FL), Bob Gurda (WI), Gale TeSelle (NRCS), Kathy Clement (USGS) and John Stewart (DOE). Target date: August FGDC Coordination Group Meeting.


Assure participation of state and local representatives in the collaborative development of national standards.


    NSGIC and NACo will prioritize data standards development activities that is important for their participation and develop a process that assures that that participation occurs. David Stage will take the lead on prioritizations. Current revision of the metadata standard provides a timely opportunity for participation in standards revision and the formulation of the U.S. position on metadata as part of international standards development work. State and county participants in this activity will be submitted by NSGIC and NACo to Rick Pearsall (FGDC, Metadata Team Leader). Target date: June FGDC Coordination Group Meeting.

Additional Actions

The NACo Annual Conference will be held in Baltimore during mid July. It was agreed in the Steering Committee Meeting that an NSDI session would be held at the Conference. After discussion among the Coordination Group it was decided that two session would be conducted. One would be a formal Workshop and the second would be an informal NSDI meeting to continue program briefings begun in preparation for the Steering Committee Meeting and to follow up on actions items as needed. After review of possible time slots the sessions will be scheduled as follows: Workshop Sunday afternoon July 13, 1997; NSDI Meeting full day Monday July 14, 1997.


    Win Lyday with assistance from Barbara Poore will plan the workshop. The FGDC Staff with assistance from NACo will plan the full day NSDI Meeting and provide up-date on status of plans at June Coordination Group meeting.

NSDI Strategy Implementation

John Moeller reported that a meeting is scheduled in the afternoon for NACo, NSGIC, OGC, UCGIS and FGDC to begin action on NSDI Strategy Goal 4 Objective 1: "Develop a process that allows stakeholder groups to define logical and complimentary roles in support of the NSDI." This action had been assigned in the March Coordination Group meeting. Mr. Moeller distributed a hand out the outlined FGDC Mission, roles and function that would be used for discussion at the meeting.

Discussion of NAPA Study

The NAPA Panel is conducting a meeting on Friday May 9, 1997 to review status of the Study. The issues discussed will be those identified in the initial progress report. Coordination Group members identified several issues for further NAPA consideration. These are: keeping data in the public domain; copywrite and privacy. Gene Thorley will attend the Friday meeting.

Access America National Performance Review Report - Possible Working Groups

John Moeller discussed the Access America Report and distributed a summary of the recommendations of the report. Section 4 of the Report identified several activities that had relationships to the NSDI. The recommendations provide opportunities for enhanced coordination. In addition Mr. Moeller discussed the potential of several new Working Groups. The possible Working Groups are: A Metadata WG which would provide the structure for the ongoing review of the Standard and for interaction with the developing ISO Metadata Standard and a possible Archaeological Resources WG to address an identified need for data standards for Archaeological Resources. Mr Moeller made several recommendations for action. After discussion the recommendations were accepted for action as follows.


  1. Support the development of a Charter for review for a Biological Data Working Group. An initial focus of the WG would be on the Interagency Taxonomic Information System.
  2. Invite the NEDI Project Manager to give a briefing tho the Coordination Group for the purpose of building stronger coordination and links between the NSDI and NEDI.
  3. Invite the Project Manager for the National Atlas of the United States to give a briefing to the Coordination Group for the purpose of beginning a coordination process. Additional action will be to establish formal ties for the National Atlas to the FGDC.
  4. Support the development of a Charter for a Metadata Working Group.
  5. Support the development of a proposal to address the need for Archaeological Resources.
  6. Invite the Flood Plain Mapping Task Force to give a briefing for the Coordination Group.

Next Coordination Group Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for:

June 3, 1997 from 9:00-12:00

Eighth Floor Conference Room
National Association of Counties
440 First Street, NW
Washington , DC 2001-2080


3 blocks west of Union Station between E and D Street NW mid-block at 440 1st Street NW