March 4, 1997 FGDC Coordination Meeting Summary


David Schell, Kurt Buehler, Cliff Kottman (Open GIS Consortium); Jerry Dobson, Tom Palmerlee (University Consortium for Geographic Information Sciences); Lisa Warnecke, Dan Stearns (NAPA) Hank Garie (NSGIC); Fred Broome (Cultural and Demographic); Bruce Speer (Ground Transportation); John Spencer (Geodetic); Gerry Barton (NOAA); Win Lyday (NACo); Don Buhler, Dan Webb (Cadastral); Dave Catlin (EPA); Dave Danko (NIMA); Jan Morton (Geologic); John Stewart (DOE); Gale TeSelle (Earth Cover); Joel Segal (HUD); Paul Bradford (Vegetation); Gary Fitzpatrick (LOC); Ted Hull (Archives); Nancy Blyler, MK Miles (Facilities); Rick Pearsall (USGS); Keven Roth (Base Cartographic): Richard Hogan, Denise Perreca (Standards); Gene Thorley (Chair, Coordination Group); Barbara Poore, David Painter, Billy Tolar, John Moeller (FGDC Secretariat)

NSDI Benefits Program

Barbara Poore distributed and explained the program announcement for this program which is aimed at examining the benefits of using shared geographic data, or spatial referenced information to aid a public decision-making process within a particular geographic area. The announcement calls for applications to be submitted to the FGDC Secretariat by May 15, 1997. FGDC will be distributing information about the program via the FGDC Website, FGDC electronic lists and its publications. However Ms. Poore and Mr. Moeller both requested support from the Coordination Group in making information about the program widely available. Action: Coordination Group members are requested to aid in distributing the announcement and to making potential applicants aware of the program. A request for reviewers of applications will be distributed by the Secretariat. (This request will be combined with a request for reviewers for the Framework Demonstration Projects Program.)

Framework Demonstration Projects Program (FDPP)

Mr Moeller mentioned that reviewers will also be needed for the FDPP. A request for reviewers will be prepared that will cover the needs for both this program and the NSDI Benefits Program. In response to a question about the status of reviewers for the CCAP program, Mr Moeller reported that the request is now closed. An additional request was to spread the program announcements and review pf proposals over a longer time period for 1998. Mr Moeller responded that the FGDC Secretariat would attempt to do so in 1998. Action: FGDC Secretariat will send out a combined request for reviewers for the FDPP and NSDI Benefits Programs.

Text Based Metadata Instructions

Billy Tolar reported that he had received a few comments on the draft distributed at the February meeting. After changes to address the comments the Instructions will be issued by the FGDC Secretariat. Action: FGDC Secretariat will make revisions and issue Text Based Metadata Instructions by March 15, 1997.

Proposal for a NSDI Public Information Seminar Series

Millington Lockwood was unable to attend this meeting. Discussion about the proposal for a seminar series will be scheduled for the April Meeting.

NSDI Strategy

The final version of "A Strategy of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure" has been completed. Copies were distributed at the meeting, however several pages of appendices were missing. The Strategy document will be available electronically via the FGDC Website and in hardcopy. Contact Jennifer Fox of the FGDC Staff for copies.

University Consortium for Geographic Information Sciences (UCGIS)

Jerry Dobson, President and Tom Palmerlee Executive Director, represented UCGIS. Mr Dobson gave a briefing on the UCGIS covering its membership, activities, priorities and some of its future work. (Copies of the overheads used by Mr. Dobson are available from the FGDC Secretariat. Please contact Jennifer Fox if you want hardcopy). UCGIS currently has 35 member universities, not-for-profit associations, and federally funded research and development centers. A guiding principle among the UCGIS activities is providing a focus for research and for education. UCGIS seeks to establish a strategic partnership with government and business, and includes the idea of a National GIS Research Facility as part of its vision.

Open GIS Consortium (OGC)

David Schell, President and Cliff Kottman and Kurt Buehler represented OGC. Mr Schell gave an opening presentation about OGC, its activities and membership. A main point made by Mr Schell is that OGC is dedicated to working with the community in developing the NSDI. Dr. Kottman them gave a briefing on the Open GIS Consortium processes and its relation to FGDC (Copies of the overheads used by Mr. Kottman are available form the FGDC Secretariat. Please contact Jennifer Fox if you want hardcopy). OGC membership now numbers approximately 90 organizations. The presentation centered on the OGC processes for developing specifications for interoperability. Both Mr. Schell and Dr. Kottman reported that the responses received thus far reflect very active teaming and merging of ideas and input.

Discussion on UCGIS, OGC and Opportunities for NSDI Implementation

The entire meeting group discussed various points of the two presentations and agreed that there are significant opportunities for working in concert to further develop the NSDI. It was determined that an important task is to work together to identify roles that different sectors and organizations can take. It was pointed out that this process is very much related to an Objective under Goal Four of the NSDI Strategy. While the definition of logical and complementary roles needs to ultimately involve as many stakeholders as possible, it was agreed that a starting point was needed. As a beginning, representatives of NACo, NSGIC, UCGIS, OGC and FGDC will meet in mid to late April to discuss their tactical level/implementation plans for the NSDI. Action: Mr Moeller will prepare an outline for the meeting and find a date and place for a meeting.


Dave Catlin reported that EPA and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) have a draft concept paper that addresses: data standards, a data sharing program with EPA and other federal agencies, and data set development. Mr Catlin said that the concept paper will be further refined and then shared with coordination group members. At that time a discussion will be appropriate regarding any additional action. Action: Mr Catlin will provide the Coordination Group with copies of the concept paper when it is ready for review.

International Standards

Richard Hogan presented a report of International Standards Activities related to the FGDC. Mr. Hogan described the International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Committee (TC) structure and its relationship to other organizations. Mr. Hogan also identified the Work Groups with TC 211 GIS/Geomatics and those with special interest to the FGDC. For those who wish to obtain additional information Mr Hogan suggested the ISO Online be used as a resource. The Website address is The Coordination Group recognized the need to continue to build stronger links with ISO activities particularly with the changing nature of FIPS and requested that Mr. Hogan through the Standards Working Group monitor ISO activities and identify additional coordination needs. The Coordination Group also concurred that the FGDC should nominate a representative be a liaison with CEN. This would entail participating in at least 2 meetings per year and also possible working group activities. Any nominees should be submitted to Mr. Hogan by March 15, 1997. Action: Nominations for liaison with CEN to Mr. Hogan by 3/15. SWG to prepare a listing of work in ISO Technical Committees (in addition to TC 211) that bear on FGDC activities.


Mr. Moeller distributed a draft of the consolidated 1997 Subcommittee and Working Group Work Plans. The individual plans have been grouped by NSDI Strategic Goals and collectively reflect the plans for the year. Each Subcommittee and Work Group is requested to review the draft and be prepared to discuss the best way to make it available to others outside the FGDC.

Mr. Moeller was requested to redistribute the draft Issue Paper on Privacy Protection and Geospatial Data prepared by Mr. TeSelle for the Feb meeting. This paper will be discussed at the April Meeting. Action: FGDC Secretariat will redistribute paper on Privacy Protection and Geospatial Data.