FGDC Coordination Group Members



Department of Agriculture

  • US Forest Service
    • Primary Member: Lisa McBride, National GIS Program Manager , US Forest Service, 703-605-5328, lmcbride@fs.fed.us
    • Alternate Member: Carol Spurrier , Forest and Range Management and Vegetation Ecology , US Forest Service, 202-538-9998, cspurrier@fs.fed.us
    • Alternate Member: Elizabeth (Betsy) Kanalley, Assistant Manager, Geospatial Services & Agency FGDC Activities Coordination , US Forest Service, 703.605.4575, bkanalley@fs.fed.us
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
    • Primary Member: Marisa Capriotti, GIS Specialist , Natural Resources Conservation Service, 301.504.2352, marisa.capriotti@wdc.usda.gov
  • Farm Service Agency
    • Primary Member: Shirley Hall, GIS Program Manager , Farm Service Agency, 202.720.3138, shirley.hall@wdc.usda.gov

Department of Commerce

  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    • Primary Member: Ashley Chappell, Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping Coordinator , National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 301-713-2702 x 110, ashley.chappell@noaa.gov
    • Alternate Member: Tyler Christensen, NOS Metadata Manager , National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 240-533-0847, tyler.christensen@noaa.gov
  • US Census Bureau
    • Primary Member: Lynda Liptrap, Branch Chief, Federal Geographic Coordination Branch , US Census Bureau, 301.763.1058, Lynda.A.Liptrap@census.gov
    • Alternate Member: Dierdre Bevington Attardi, Project Manager, Federal Geographic Coordination Branch, Geography Division , US Census Bureau, (301) 763-1118, Dierdre.Bevington.Attardi@census.gov

Department of Defense

  • US Army Corps of Engineers
    • Primary Member: Jacob Watts, Acting USACE Geospatial Community of Practice Lead , US Army Corps of Engineers, 603.646.4623, jacob.a.watts@usace.army.mil
    • Alternate Member: William Nye, Physical Scientist , US Army Corps of Engineers, 2027614736, william.c.nye@usace.army.mil
  • Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Installation, and Environment
    • Primary Member: David LaBranche, Geospatial Information Officer , Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Installation, and Environment, 703.604.5764, david.f.labranche.civ@mail.mil
    • Alternate Member: Randal Turner, EI&E Portfolio Manager , Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Installation, and Environment, , randall.c.turner.civ@mail.mil

Department of Education

  • Primary Member: Douglas (Doug) Geverdt, Program Manager , 202-502-7430, douglas.geverdt@ed.gov

Department of Energy

  • Primary Member: Joshua Linard, Geospatial Information Officer, Office of the Chief Information Officer, 240.220.1439, Joshua.linard@hq.doe.gov
  • Alternate Member: Jennifer Bauer, Geospatial Science Steering Committee Chair, National Energy Technology Laboratory, 541.918.4507, jennifer.bauer@netl.doe.gov

Department of Health and Human Services

  • Alternate Member: Robert Shankman, GIS Branch Chief , 202-205-4748, robert.shankman@hhs.gov
  • Food and Drug Administration
    • Alternate Member: Nathan Beck, Geographic Information Specialist, FDA Office of Crisis Management , Food and Drug Administration, 301-796-8241, nathan.beck@fda.hhs.gov
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Primary Member: Andrew (Andy) Dent, Director of Geospatial Research, Analysis and Services , Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 770-488-3861, aed5@cdc.gov
  • Indian Health Services
    • Alternate Member: Lucie Vogel, IHS Planning, Evaluation, and Research , Indian Health Services, 301-443-1133, Lucie.Vogel@ihs.gov

Department of Homeland Security

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
    • Primary Member: Christopher Vaughan, FEMA Geospatial Information Officer , Federal Emergency Management Agency, , christopher.vaughan2@fema.dhs.gov
  • Geospatial Management Office
    • Primary Member: Lew Summers, IT Specialist – Geospatial Information Infrastructure Project Manager , Geospatial Management Office, 202-447-4179, Lewis.Summers@HQ.DHS.GOV
    • Alternate Member: Michael Bergman, IT Specialist GIS Enterprise License Administrator , Geospatial Management Office, 202-579-6241, michael.bergman@hq.dhs.gov

Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • Alternate Member: Todd McNeil, Geographer , 202-402-5742, TODD.MCNEIL@HUD.GOV
  • Policy Development and Research
    • Primary Member: Robert Renner, Geographer , Policy Development and Research, (202) 402-5745, Robert.N.Renner@hud.gov

Department of Justice

  • Vacant

Department of Labor

  • Primary Member: Dennis Johnson, Acting Director, OASAM Performance Mangement Center , , Johnson.Dennis.R@dol.gov
  • Alternate Member: Chad Hancher, Acting Deputy Director, OASAM Performance Management Center , , hancher.chad@dol.gov

Department of State

  • Vacant

Department of the Interior

  • US Geological Survey
    • Primary Member: Brigitta Urban-Mathieux, Federal Liasison, National Geospatial Program , US Geological Survey, 703.648.5175, burbanma@usgs.gov
    • Alternate Member: Glenn Guempel, National Geospatial Program , US Geological Survey, 703-648-4541, gguempel@usgs.gov
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service
    • Primary Member: Christina Lett, National GIS Coordinator , US Fish and Wildlife Service, 303.274.3574, chris_lett@fws.gov
    • Alternate Member: Megan Lang, Chief Scientist, National Wetlands Inventory , US Fish and Wildlife Service, (703) 358-2103, Megan_Lang@fws.gov
  • Bureau of Land Management
    • Primary Member: Dominica VanKoten, FGDC Liaison , Bureau of Land Management, , dvankote@blm.gov
  • National Park Service
    • Primary Member: Seshagirirao (Seshu) Vaddey, Chief, Resource Information Services Division , National Park Service, 303-987-6733, seshu_vaddey@nps.gov
    • Alternate Member: Jennifer Carlino, NPS GIS Program Manager , National Park Service, , jennifer_carlino@nps.gov
  • Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
    • Primary Member: Mark Mueller, BOEM Geospatial Information Officer , Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, (703) 787-1089, Mark.Mueller@boem.gov
    • Alternate Member: Christine Taylor, Lead Physical Scientist , Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, (703) 787-1606., Christine.Taylor@boem.gov
  • Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement
    • Primary Member: Robert Welsh, Geospatial Project Manager , Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement, 303.293.5080, RWelsh@osmre.gov

Department of Transportation

  • Primary Member: Thomas Roff, HPMS/ARNOLD Program Manager , 202.3665035, Thomas.Roff@dot.gov
  • Federal Aviation Administration
    • Alternate Member: Derald Dudley, Spatial Data Analyst, Bureau of Transportation Statistics. , Federal Aviation Administration, 202.309.0940, Derald.Dudley@dot.gov

Department of Treasury

  • Primary Member: Jimmy Amoaka-Atta, Program Specialist , 202-622-9438, Gyapong.Amoako-Atta@treasury.gov

Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Primary Member: Melissa Chiu, Director, Statistic and Analytics Service , 202-461-5831, melissa.chiu@va.gov
  • Alternate Member: Tom Garin, Director, Office of Enterprise Integration (OEI) , 202.461.1091, tom.garin@va.gov

Environmental Protection Agency

  • Primary Member: Ana Greene, Acting Deputy Geospatial Information Officer , 202.566.2132, Greene.Ana@epa.gov
  • Office of Environmental Information
    • Alternate Member: Harvey Simon, Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator and Associate Chief Information Officer , Office of Environmental Information, 202-566-0917, Simon.Harvey@epa.gov

Federal Communications Commission*

  • Primary Member: Chris Gao, IT/GIS Specialist , 202-418-2457, chris.gao@fcc.gov

General Services Administration

  • Office of Governmentwide Policy, Office of Real Property Management
    • Primary Member: Chris Coneeney, Acting Director, Real Property Policy Division , Office of Governmentwide Policy, Office of Real Property Management, 202-208-2956, chris.coneeney@gsa.gov
  • Office of Information, Integrity, and Access; Office of Government-Wide Policy
    • Alternate Member: Anne Nussear, Realty Specialist, Real Property Policy Division , Office of Information, Integrity, and Access; Office of Government-Wide Policy, 202-578-4649, anne.nussear@gsa.gov

Library of Congress

  • Primary Member: Jacqueline Nolan, Cartographer , 202.707.8520, jnol@loc.gov
  • Geography and Map Division
    • Alternate Member: William Lazorchak, Information Technology Project Manager , Geography and Map Division, 202.707.2603, wlaz@loc.gov

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

  • Vacant

National Archives and Records Administration

  • Vacant

National Capital Planning Commission*

  • Vacant

National Science Foundation

  • Primary Member: Eva Zanzerkia, Program Director, EarthCube, Geosciences Directorate , , ezanzerk@nsf.gov

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

  • Vacant

Office of Personnel Management

  • Vacant

Office of Personnel Management

  • Vacant

Small Business Administration

  • Primary Member: Asghar Noor, Chief Architect , (202) 205-6359, asghar.noor@sba.gov

Smithsonian Institution

  • Primary Member: Daniel Cole, IT Office, MRC 136 , 202-633-0747, coled@si.edu

Social Security Administration

  • Primary Member: David Timmons, Management Analyst , 202.358.6121, David.timmons@ssa.gov
  • Alternate Member: Ben Gurga, Operations Research Analyst , , ben.gurga@ssa.gov

Tennessee Valley Authority

  • Vacant

U.S. Agency for International Development

  • Vacant