A-16 NGDA Portfolio Management

National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) Datasets

An NGDA Dataset is defined as a geospatial dataset that has been designated by the FGDC Steering Committee and meets at least one of the following criteria: supports mission goals of multiple federal agencies, statutorily mandated, supports Presidential priorities as expressed by Executive Order, or by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Together, these NGDA Datasets comprise the A-16 NGDA Portfolio.

This spreadsheet contains the official list of NGDA Datasets, their associated NGDA Theme, and the responsible agency. Each NGDA Dataset includes links to the metadata record on GeoPlatform.gov, the NGDA Dataset Report, and the Theme Summary Report.

The Reports provide information to help facilitate management of the A-16 NGDA Portfolio to support Federal agency, partner, and stakeholder missions.

The metadata record links go to GeoPlatform.gov which provide access to NGDA data, services, and applications.

From time to time NGDA are removed from official NGDA listing. A table of these prior NGDA can be found below the Current NGDA listings.

You can learn more about the lifecycle maturity of the datasets by visiting the LMA Performance Dashboard. Note: The dashboard is publicly available but you will need a GeoPlatform.gov account. For questions about the NGDA datasets, please contact us.

Current Datasets

Removed Datasets