Doug D. Nebert NSDI Champion of the Year Award


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Prepare a brief written statement in support of the nomination describing the nominee's contributions to the development of an outstanding, innovative, and operational tool, application, or service capability used by multiple organizations that furthers the vision of the NSDI.

For individual nominations, describe achievements in the scientific and technical spatial data infrastructure community, as well as contributions leading to successful practical applications of spatial data infrastructure. Consideration will be given to sustained career achievements or singular contributions of major importance to the field of spatial data infrastructures (SDI).

For group nominations, describe a team, a group of individuals, or part of an organization that has developed an outstanding, innovative, and operational tool, application, or service capability used by multiple organizations that furthers the vision of the NSDI.

Achievements cited in the summary statement should be demonstrable. Here are some considerations that will support the assessment of the individual’s or team’s tool, application, or service capability that is being awarded. Please provide links to web documents as appropriate.

  • What is the web link to the tool, application, or service?
  • What societal area(s) of interest does it align to (health, security, food production, hazards, transportation, energy, etc.)?
  • Does the work support OMB Circular A-16 and its Supplemental Guidance? Is it using National Geospatial Data Assets?
  • Are open standards used? Which FGDC standards were used?
  • Is it available on the Geospatial Platform ( Is the metadata published on the platform?
  • Use of advanced or emerging technologies (e.g. cloud computing, social media, mobile technologies etc.)?
  • What other tools, applications, or services is it integrated with?
  • Is it open source or proprietary?
  • What is the impact of the tool, application, or service capability?
  • Documented in peer-reviewed, industry-recognized credible publication or presented at professional conferences?
  • Is it static or dynamic?
  • What is the time period covered?
  • What is the number of users?
  • Leadership of NSDI related working group or committee?

The Summary Statement should NOT exceed 2 pages (1000 words). For long URL's, you can consider using a URL shortener.

Supplemental Information

Specific individual and team achievements should be demonstrable via leadership of NDSI related working group or committee, documented in peer­reviewed, industry­recognized credible publication, presentations at professional conferences, a working application, or other credible basis.

Nominations may include up to 10 pages of supplemental information (resume, publications list, letters of endorsement, etc.) Please do not include social security numbers or personal contact information or PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

Combine all supplemental materials into a single .pdf file and upload using the form below. Maximum file size is 10 MB.

Include the nominee's name or group title in the file name. Examples follow:

  • JohnDoe_2016_Nomination.pdf
  • TeamXYZ_2016_Nomination.pdf

Paperwork Reduction Act Information
To comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (PRA), we are notifying the public that we have submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) an information collection request (ICR) for the collection of nominations for the Doug D. Nebert NSDI Champion of the Year Award. We estimate that it will take 10 hours for a user to submit a nomination for the award. As part of our continuing efforts to reduce paperwork and respondent burden, we invite the general public and other Federal agencies to comment on this ICR. Response to this request is voluntary. Direct comments regarding the burden estimate or any other aspect of this collection of information: Information Collection Clearance Officer,
OMB Control Number: OMB 1028-0115 Expires 02/28/2019

Note: When the submission is received by the FGDC Office of the Secretariat, the award coordinator will contact you if additional information or clarification is needed.