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Geospatial SOA and Cloud Computing Workshop, June 9, 2009

A full-day seminar was convened to identify state-of-play in Geospatial SOA and Cloud Computing

The workshop was designed to provide attendees with specific experiences in the use of SOA techniques and emerging cloud computing in the context of integrating online government Web services for geospatial applications. Topics will include background on SOA in the federal context, plans for a Federal Service Oriented Infrastructure “cloud,” and presentations by FGDC 2008 Cooperative Agreement Program funded activities and federal agencies sharing best practices and lessons learned from designing and deploying Web services.


  • Identify best practices that resulted from this work that are relevant in the federal/intergovernmental environment
  • What is the level of maturity and viability of the referenced SOA/Cloud solutions or infrastructure within a governmental computing environment?
  • What are perceived impediments to adoption of your highlighted SOA/cloud practices in the government environment?


An introduction to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the federal government context, Dave Mayo, Everware-CBDI Powerpoint

Cloud Computing for Geospatial Applications, Patrick Stingley, BLM CTO Powerpoint

Use of Cloud Computing for scalable geospatial data processing and access, Andrew Turner, GeoCommons (FortiusOne) Partner: U.S. Federal Geographic Data Committee PDF

Cloud activities at Indiana University: Case studies in service hosting, storage, and computing, Marlon Pierce (CGL, IU), Neil Devadasan (Polis, IUPUI) Partner: USFWS National Wetland Inventory Powerpoint

Role-based Access Control Framework for Geospatial Cloud Services, Jeff Harrison (CubeWerx USA), Joel Schlagel (USACE) Partner: USACE Powerpoint

SOA-based Wetlands Jurisdictional Determination Tools, John Davidson (ImageMatters) Partners: EPA, USACE, USFWS Powerpoint

Service Oriented Architecture of the Indiana Flood GRID. Neil Devadasan (Polis, IUPUI), Marlon Pierce (CGL, IU) Partners: US Geological Survey, National Weather Service, City of Indianapolis, Silver Jackets, Indianapolis Museum of ART, Indiana Department of Homeland Security, USACE, Indiana Department of Natural Resources Powerpoint

Summary discussion, round-table discussion

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