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FGDC Subcommittee Report Summary

Out of 11 Subcommittee responses:

  • PARTNERSHIPS - 100% had collaborative partnerships regarding their theme.
  • METADATA - 82% had metadata discoverable through the NSDI Clearinghouse
  • STANDARDS - 82% had standards for their working group theme
  • CHARTER - 82% had a current charter or plan for data collection
  • ACTIVITY - 64% were active in FY 2000/2001
  • INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATION - 64% had international/global coordination
  • DATA SHARING - 55% had a policy in place for full and open access or data sharing

Areas of Concern included:

  • There is a need for a common vision for the NSDI.
  • Local level support is needed.
  • Common goals for standards compliance and definitions of compliance are needed.
  • The absence of resources focused on geospatial issues may limit progress.
  • Base funding for spatial climate development within the Federal government is a significant issue.
  • Is there an existing mechanism to ensure compatibility among standards promulgated by other FGDC entities relative to vegetation?

Lessons Learned:

  • Cadastral Subcommittee recognized the need and created definitions for different levels of compliance with the Standard.
  • The use of a Subcommittee is preferable to having one agency lead the development of guidelines.
  • Guidelines drafted by a multi-agency group are more likely to be useful and widely used.
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