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National Atlas of the United States

In Fiscal Year 2001, the National Atlas of the United StatesĀ® continued its adherence to practices that promote the precepts of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). Here are some of its activities.


  • Provided direct technical assistance to numerous individuals who were preparing Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC)-compliant metadata for the first time.
  • Prepared a metadata template and provided this online.
  • Documented all data offered through in compliance with the FGDC Content Standard for Geospatial Metadata.
  • Bundled metadata files with all data distributed by (more than 270,000 documented data files to date).


  • Built and maintained a National Atlas node of the NSDI Clearinghouse.
  • Improved the utility of metadata records in the National Atlas node by allowing the user to select appropriate report format.
  • Built a National Atlas node on the Geography Network, a partnership with business to make government information more accessible.


  • Used industry and government standard formats for all data files, including appropriate profiles of the Spatial Data Transfer Standard.
  • Developed, tested, and launched a Web mapping service that complies with the existing standards of the Open GIS consortium.
  • Continued to offer the single best source of integrated, documented map products and services on the World Wide Web.
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