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Facilities Working Group 1999 Progress Report

The Facilities Working Group (FWG) was formed in January 1995.  At the October 1999 Coordination Group Meeting, the Coordination Group approved recognizing the structure of the CADD/GIS Technology Center for Facilities, Infrastructure and the Environment as the FGDC FWG.  Although the Technology Center is housed inside the Corps of Engineers, the organizational structure includes representatives from the Corps of Engineers, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Defense Logistic Agency, Federal Aviation Administration, General Services Administration, National Institute of Building Sciences, Coast Guard, and Department of State.  There are various committees addressing both technical and management activities (See attached Charter).  Executive and Working Group meetings are generally open meetings unless budgetary information is being discussed.


Although there are many details to be worked through for the Technology Center's organizational structure to truly function as the FGDC FWG, this is a great opportunity to align the facility management community closer with the FGDC.  The primary challenge over the next year will be in educating both the FGDC and the Facility Management Community on each goals, needs and interests.



The FWG continued developing the CADD Profile, Utilities, Accuracy and Facility ID Standards.


By Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and

Acquisition (ASN (RDA)) memorandum of 2 November 1999, DON Policy for

Digital Logistics Technical Data, it was established as Department of the Navy policy that installations digital geospatial data conform to the Spatial Data Standards, that it be documented in FGDC metadata, and that the metadata be placed on the Center node of the Clearinghouse.


NAVFAC has used the draft Facility ID standard for a data element to

coordinate property records in the Navy Facility Asset Data Base (NFADB) with data in distributed MAXIMO COTS computerized maintenance management system applications and the FIS/FM COTS computer-aided facility management software.




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