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Vegetation Subcommittee Input on NSDI Implementation 1998

Goal 1: Increase the awareness and understanding of the vision, concepts, and benefits of the NSDI through outreach and education.

The Subcommittee worked with Ecological Society of America and The Nature Conservancy to develop and plan a workshop on implementing Vegetation Standard. The workshop features classroom and field instruction, classification, testing, and feedback on implementing the standard.

Goal 3: Use community-based approaches to develop and maintain common collections of geospatial data for sound decision-making.

The Subcommittee worked with the Ecological Society of America, The Nature Conservancy, US Geological Survey, and the US FGDC to begin facilitating the review and approval process for a Memorandum of Understanding to form a partnership to develop, implement, and maintain the National Vegetation Classification (NVC) system. The review began in late fall, 1998 and will be completed early winter, 1999.

Goal 4: Build relationships among organizations to support the continuing development of the NSDI.

The Vegetation Subcommittee experienced a change in leadership in early fall, 1998. The subcommittee is in the process of examining past progress and determining both long- and short-term goals.

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