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FGDC Wetland Subcommittee- 1997 Accomplishments

1. The "Cowardin Classification System" was formally adopted as the FGDC wetland classification standard. Extensive outreach ensured that all affected agencies and individuals were informed of the designation.

2. Revision of the "National List of Plant Species That Occur in Wetlands" moved forward following completion of an extensive public review and comment period. When published in 1998, the revised list will contain wetland indicator status for more than 8,000 plant species that can be found in wetland. Also provided are Regional indicators for those species that occur over extensive areas of the Nation. The National List is an integral component of wetland identification, classification, and determination activities across the country.

3. Work began in late 1997 on development of an interagency wetland gains and loss reporting system and database. This is being developed to ensure consistency in the number of wetland gains and losses reported by the agencies. The system is being developed in support of the Administration's goal of restoring up 10 100,000 wetland acres annually by 2005.

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