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Subcommittee on Spatial Water Data 1997 Report

Work was carried out on the problem of subdividing hydrologic units into smaller areas. These areas are needed for defining watersheds that are of progressively greater use by agencies that are implementing a watershed approach.

As a follow-up to FY 96 meetings on problem definition, this process is now underway: the current subdivision guidelines (1995 NRCS guidelines) were sent for review and comment to agency representatives in EPA, BLM, FS, NRCS, and USGS. In parallel, an informal interagency work group is working to address the technical problems so far detected, and to draft revised guidelines based on review to date.

A memorandum of understanding was undertaken between the USGS and the NRCS to more precisely define the problem and to develop actions that the two agencies should take to resolve it.

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