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Geospatial Metadata Content Standards Supported

ISO 19115:2003 - Metadata
full full full partial
ISO 19115-2 - Gridded Imagery Extension
full none full none
ISO 19110 - Feature Catalog
full full full none
ISO 19119 - Services
full full full none
ISO 19115-1 - Metadata Fundamentals
full none full partial
Other Related Metadata Standards
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User Interface

Edit XML Directly
Other / Comments
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Operating Platform

Online Application
Other / Comments

Proprietary Nature

Open Source (publicly available)
Source Code Available (customers only)
Free or Shareware
Other / Comments
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XML Capabilities

Supports use of XML attributes (href, nilreason, etc.)
Xpath version
1.0 none 1.0 1.0
Other / Comments

Auto-populate Metadata

From geospatial data types (GIS, imagery, GPS, etc.)
From non-geospatial data types (spreadsheet, dbase, etc.)
From services
Other / Comments
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Validation Operations

Compliance to ISO 19139
Compliance to User-defined Schema
Compliance to Other Standard
Batch Validate
Validate Incomplete Record
Error Report Includes Warnings / Guidance
URL Validity Testing
Other / Comments
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Metadata Record Import Operations

Import FGDC CSGDM - Biological Profile
Import FGDC CSDGM - Remote Sensing Extension
Import ISO 19115:2003
Import ISO 19115-2
Batch Import
Import Incomplete Record
Import Other Metadata Standards/Formats
Other / Comments
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Metadata Record Export Operations

Export FGDC CSGDM - Biological Profile
Export FGDC CSDGM - Remote Sensing Extension
Batch Export
Export Incomplete Record
Export Other Metadata Standards/Formats
Other / Comment
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Operating Environment

Description of general operating environment
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Support Features

Description of user support features
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Edit Operations

Description of metadata editing operations
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Description of application customization options
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Metadata Management

Description of metadata management capabilities
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Metadata Output Format

Description of metadata output formats
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Metadata Catalog or Other Publication

Description of metadata publication to catalog / distribution sites
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