Cross border Projects


  • These projects highlight and further our scientific and technical understandings of the complexities, challenges and efforts required to develop and use geospatial data to address a common issue over a contiguous geography
  • The Gulf of Maine Project  was recognized by Canadian Assistant Deputy Minister at Geo-5 meeting in held in Ottawa Canada in November 2004

Key Objectives

  • Stimulate cross border cooperation
  • Private sector participation
  • A US lead organization and a Canadian lead organization 
  • Two project meetings one in US and one in Canada
  • 100% Matching contributions 
  • Find tangible solutions to a specific issue
  • Common geographic area of mutual concern that crosses the international boundary
  • Use established spatial data/metadata standards and models

Some Outcomes

  • Assemble spatial data crucial specific project issue
  • Develop integrated US/Canadian Spatial data
  • Establish solid network of US/Canadian partners 
  • Advance legal mechanism and network to share spatial datasets