NSDI Framework

The National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) is a means to assemble geographic data nationwide to serve a variety of users. GIS applications of many different disciplines have a recurring need for a few themes of data.  The framework was a collaborative community based effort in which these commonly needed data themes are developed, maintained, and integrated by public and private organizations within a geographic area.  The framework was one of the key building blocks and forms the data backbone of the NSDI.  The framework concept was developed by representatives of county, regional, State, Federal, and other organizations under the auspices of the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC). Local, regional, state and federal government organizations and private companies saw the framework as a way to share resources, improve communications, and increase efficiency.

Framework had three apects: Data, Procedures and technology for building and using the data, and Institutional relationships and business practices that support the environment. The framework was designed to facilitate production and use of geographic data, to reduce costs and improve service and decision making.