Framework Introduction and Guide

Framework Handbook Cover

This is a digital version of the Framework Introduction and Guide. 

Part 1: Introduction and Reference

Chapter 1 Overview
What the framework approach involves.
Chapter 2 Benefits
Why the framework is important and why you should participate.
Chapter 3 Components
What the framework's data, technology, operational, and business elements are, and how they work.
Chapter 4 Organization
How framework participants work together.

Part 2: Implementation Guide

Chapter 5 Getting Started
What you can do now to participate in the framework.
Chapter 6 Ongoing Development
What the community is doing to implement the framework.

Part 3: Resource Materials

Appendix A Terminology
Appendix B Literature
Appendix C Contacts
Appendix D Related Technical Information and Programs
Appendix E Federal Geographic Data Committee
Appendix F Framework Workshop Participants
Appendix G Related Documents
Appendix H Framework Projects
Appendix I Framework Introduction and Guide Reviewers