Report Format for Participation in the National Map Projects

NSDI Cooperative Agreements Program
Participation in The National Map
Interim and Final Report Format

The goal of this category is to assist organizations and consortia to work with the USGS to develop The National Map. Please use this format to develop a brief and succinct interim or final project report, as appropriate.

Agreement Number:
Project title:
Indicate whether Interim or Final Report
Project start and end dates:
Lead project organization:
Name, address, Web address
Project Lead: Name, address, email
USGS Mapping State Liaison:
If appropriate Collaborating organizations: Name, point of contact, address, Web address
Data themes: (list)

Project Summary
a. Describe the project; its tasks, highlights, challenges, and accomplishments. What are your approaches to overcoming impediments to participation in The National Map? Based on your experience what would you recommend for implementation and development for project success (technical, institutional and organizational)?

b. Describe the data themes provided through The National Map. Are there any use restrictions? Are your map services and data documentation (metadata) registered in The National Map and Geospatial One-Stop? What is the status of maintaining, updating and serving themes of data that are included in The National Map? Based on your perspective and project experience describe user requirements for a national level spatial data infrastructure.

c. Describe the operational capability to maintain and update data through periodic updates of data made available through The National Map.

d. Discuss the issues, difficulties, and challenges (both technical, institutional and organizational) that were encountered. How can the CAP program be improved.

e. Describe your relationship and issues with the USGS. Has a formal ongoing agreement been established to provide data and web services through The National Map? Describe your plans for follow-on activities. What are the terms and mutual commitment of resources? Please attach copy of written agreement if available.

Please email report to the NSDI CAP Coodinator.