Report Format for Metadata Training and Outreach Projects

NSDI Cooperative Agreements Program
Metadata Training & Outreach Project
Interim and Final Project Report Format

Indicate Agreement Number
Indicate whether Interim or Final Report
Report Date:
Name, address, web address
Project Leader: Name, telephone, email

In writing the report keep in mind the objective of this category for organizations skilled in metadata implementation, and clearinghouse service to assist other organizations by providing training, metadata creation assistance, and clearinghouse or web mapping services. Ideally, sustained on-going processes for data documentation will be established for organizations for documenting (metadata) their geospatial holdings, serving this documentation.

Project Narrative
Summarize the project activities. Include its accomplishments, successes strengths and weaknesses, further challenges, and collaboration activities as appropriate. What are the organizational practices that have developed to support metadata creation and maintenance for the future?

Metadata training and outreach assistance

  • List organizations and number of individuals receiving metadata training and outreach assistance as appropriate
  • At what level of proficiency are the trainees or training
  • Indicate the number and character of workshops conducted as appropriate

Status of Metadata Service

  • Site names where metadata is served; clearinghouse node or Geospatial One-Stop harvestable web folder.
  • Approximately how many metadata entries have resulted from this project?
  • Do you need assistance in providing for metadata service to organizations you have assisted?

Next Steps

  • Will this project's activities continue in the future
  • Describe the next phase in your project
  • Are there issues in metadata management and service
  • Requirements (more technical assistance, software, other?)
  • What areas need work?

Feedback on Cooperative Agreements Program

  • What are the program strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where does the program make a difference?
  • Was the assistance you received sufficient or effective?
  • What would you recommend doing differently?
  • Are there factors that are missing or need to consider that were missed?
  • Are there program management concerns that need to be addressed? Time frame?
  • If you were to do this again, what would you do differently?