Report Format for Fifty States Initiative Projects

Agreement Number:
Indicate whether Interim or Final report
Report Date:
Organization: Name, address, web address
Project Leader: Name, telephone, email
Collaborating Organizations: Name, point of contact, address, Web address

Project Narrative
In writing the report keep in mind the goal of your project under this category which is the development and/or implementation of statewide strategic and business plans.

  • Please include
    • Summary of project activities
    • Key accomplishments to date
    • Explain how statewide coordination has changed as a result of this project?
    • How inclusive is your effort? What have you done to bring new stakeholder groups or organizations into statewide coordination?
    • What practices or activities led to success? What practices or activities have not?

Next Steps
• How will this project continue in the future?
• Describe the next steps in your project
• Where do you need assistance?

• Strategic Plan
• Business Plan

Feedback on Cooperative Agreements Program
What are the CAP Program strengths and weaknesses?
Where does it make a difference?
Was the assistance you received sufficient or effective?
What would you recommend that the FGDC do differently?
Are there factors that are missing or additional needs that should be considered?
Are there program management concerns that need to be addressed, such as the time frame?
If you were to do this again, what would you do differently?