Report Format for FGDC-endorsed Standards Implementation Training and Outreach Projects

NSDI Cooperative Agreements Program
FGDC-endorsed Standards Implementation Training and Outreach Project
Interim and Final Project Report Format

Keep the report short and to the point.  All reports will be posted to the FGDC Web site.


Agreement Number:
Project title:
Indicate whether Interim or Final report
Name, Mailing Address, Web Address
Principal Investigator: Name, Telephone Number, Email Address
Collaborating Organizations: Organization Name, Contact Name, Mailing Address, Web Address

Executive Summary
Write a short paragraph (under 250 words) describing the key successes or outcomes of the project. The interim report should highlight anticipated outcomes and actual milestones, while the final report summary should describe the project as completed.

Project Narrative
Summarize the project activities. Include its accomplishments, successes, challenges, and collaboration activities, as appropriate. How were challenges identified and what steps were taken to overcome these challenges?

Identify major deviations from the original proposal and explain rationale.

For the final report, identify how the public can access the deliverables at no cost, without restriction.

If training at workshops is to be provided through the project:

• Indicate the number, duration, and venue of workshops conducted.
• List organizations and organizational type (Federal, State, local, Tribal, academic, NGO, etc) of the workshop participants. Names of participants need not be provided. This list will provide indicators of outreach to user communities.
• Indicate the overall customer satisfaction for each workshop. Customer satisfaction rating is from the NSDI training evaluation form, which provides means to evaluate trainer proficiency. The evaluation is administered after each workshop and should take 10 minutes if measuring customer satisfaction alone and 20 minutes if measuring both customer satisfaction and trainer proficiency. The evaluation form is available at
• Describe the means of instruction, for example, lecture only, lecture and exercises, or lecture and computer assisted.
• Provide letters of recognition for the workshop to the awardee, publication articles regarding the workshop, and external endorsement for the workshop.
• List new organizations engaged in this project.
• Provide the method(s) of promoting the workshop (e.g., FGDC Calendar, Listserv, etc.)

If any photographs, graphics, or illustrations of the project are highly desirable. If available please include a few.

Next Steps 
Answer how this project's activities will continue beyond the performance period.
Answer how knowledge acquired through this project will be transferred to user communities beyond the performance period.
Identify the relationships that have been established with other organizations to sustain activities beyond the performance period.
Describe the next phase in your project.
Identify project needs (more technical assistance, software, other?) How can the FGDC help?

Feedback on Cooperative Agreements Program (To be completed for the final report)
What are the CAP Program strengths and weaknesses?
Where did it make a difference?
Was the assistance you received sufficient or effective?
What would you recommend that the FGDC do differently?
Are there factors that are missing or are there additional needs that should be considered?
Are there program management concerns that need to be addressed, such as the time frame?
If you were to do the project again, what would you do differently?