Building Capacity for Implementation of Distributed Online Metadata Catalogs in the Oregon Coastal and Marine Data Network

This CAP effort sought to reach out to members of the Oregon Coastal and Marine Data Network (OCMDN) community and introduce them to the capabilities and benefits of sharing data catalogs using open standards.  A large amount of work was accomplished within the scope of the CAP funding and anticipate that their network (and region) will feel positive add-on benefits from these outreach and training efforts for some time into the future.

Accomplishments of the OCMDN community since receiving CAP funding in June 2012 include: establishment of a Catalogs working group, six outreach and training events, 22 training videos and related materials posted online, internship at Oregon State University that worked with member organizations on catalog activities, and two functional Catalogs published by participating network member organizations.  A third network member organization is also applying the knowledge gained via the CAP outreach to put yet another collection online. These organizational collection catalogs are also now further networked into the newly launched West Coast Governors Alliance Ocean Data Portal.

They have posted all of the training materials to under a new "Training" dropdown menu item. Materials include PDFs of PowerPoint presentations, workshop handouts, and video recordings of actual training sessions.

Final Report

Interim Report

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Tanya Haddad