Expanding Louisiana’s Use of the GIS Inventory System

The Louisiana GIS Council is made up of eighteen state agencies and five local government organizations. Among the State agencies that contributed geospatial data to the GIS Inventory are the largest state data creators; including the departments of Environmental Quality, Natural Resources, Homeland Security, Transportation and Development and the Department of Health and Hospitals. Among the local government organizations are members of the Louisiana Assessors’ Association, Municipal Association, Police Jury (county) Association, Planning and Development (MPO’s) Districts and the Louisiana Chapter of NENA. In addition to the state and local members two federal agencies, USGS and FEMA, are also members of the Louisiana GIS Council. LAGIC collaborated with GIS Council members to collect, maintain and distribute Louisiana geospatial data sets and their associated metadata records through the GIS Inventory System. A process was developed for GIS Council members to send updated data records which were then added to the GIS Inventory by LAGIC staff.

They added over 120 local government data sets to the approximately 100 existing statewide data layers. They were disappointed that although they taught a dozen local government GIS managers how to add their data sets to the inventory and only one parish (county) contributed their data sets. The majority of local data sets were added by LAGIC staff. If they had the funding to input additional data sets for local government, they would have hundreds more data layers in the inventory.

Final Report -- Louisiana GIS Inventory Summary Report

Interim Report

Louisiana Geographic Information Center (LAGIC)


Craig Johnson, Director Louisiana Geographic Information Center (LAGIC)

Ian Beer, Chair Louisiana GIS Council

Chris Cretini, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Louisiana