Alaska Metadata Trainer & Outreach

This project resulted in the development of an introductory, on-line, training tool for ISO metadata in support of the anticipated development of an ISO based metadata registry for geospatial datasets/products. The on-line metadata training tool can be found here. Additional efforts resulted in substantial stakeholder outreach through an on-line survey to establish stakeholder driven requirements for an authoritative one-stop Geoportal and Metadata Registry. The Geoportal survey captured stakeholder needs and requirements in a tabulated manner and is published on-line. A Geospatial Town Hall meeting was also held in Anchorage to unveil and explain the survey results to stakeholders, which was well attended and stakeholder feedback was sought. Based upon these efforts a draft Geoportal & metadata registry plan was compiled for the State of Alaska and presented on line for public input and comments. Responsible public comment was attached to the plan as an appendix to the plan.

The overarching goals of these efforts were to establish the guidelines for a State of Alaska sponsored one-stop Geoportal and Metadata registry. The information gathered through these efforts will be the guiding requirements in launching an RFP to acquire Metadata Registry and Geoportal services in first quarter 2015.

The overall outcome resulting from these efforts will be an authoritative one-stop Geoportal and Metadata registry based upon ISO metadata standards. It is widely accepted the development of this portal may be a phased effort based upon available funding and may take as many as five years to fully execute.

Final Report

Interim Report

State of Alaska, Department of Transportation & Public Facilities


Nick Mastrodicasa, State of Alaska, DOT/PF-Joint Project Office

Karen Felts, State of Alaska, DOT/PF-Joint Project Office