Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership – Collection and Update of Ohio GIS Metadata in Ramona

The purpose of this project is to collect and update Ohio GIS Metadata entries in the GIS Inventory. Buckeye Hills – Hocking Valley Regional Development District and The Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership coordinated efforts to accomplish the goals of this project. At the onset of this project the GIS Inventory records for the state of Ohio and Ohio counties were not current and there was no mechanism in place to regularly update the data. This project successfully updated the Ohio GIS Metadata in the GIS Inventory by removing dated entries and providing updated information on data holdings across the state. Cadastral contacts and parcel data status were added for all counties in Ohio to support emergency responders, the growing oil and gas industry, and other end users of this data. The project team identified a sustainability plan for keeping Ohio’s GIS inventory data current in the future.

Updating and maintaining this metadata is a key service in order to provide support to emergency responders, local officials, economic development activities (including oil and gas development), and other parties who are end users of this data. Several approaches were evaluated and the best approach to sustain currency in Ohio was to leverage regional and state coordinators to complete updates on behalf of the counties. The state data sets would be updated through the state GIS coordinator. The need for updates would be reviewed annually. Cadastral contacts would continue to be populated in the nationalcad component of the GIS Inventory. Data set availability and currency would be reported in geodatabases and published to the spatial inventory which links to the GIS Inventory.

Final Report

Interim Report

Buckeye Hills – Hocking Valley Regional Development District


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