Tips for the 2011 NSDI CAP Reviewers

Thank you for volunteering your valuable time to review proposals for the 2011 NSDI CAP.

Your Category Lead will be providing the proposals either via email or providing you a download link on the FGDC web site.  This year’s category leads are:
Category 1 – Jennifer Carlino,, 303-202-4260
Category 2 and 6 – Julia Binder Maitra,, 703-648-4627
Category 3, 4 and 5 – Scott Van Hoff,, 208-387-1351

If you have any questions you can contact the category lead or Gita Urban-Mathieux,, 703-648-5175.

Before you begin your review please download, read, and submit the Conflict of Interest/Non Disclosure Agreement form .
There is a Submit via Email button on the form but if this does not work you can either send the original, fax, or email a scanned version of it to:

Gita Urban-Mathieux, FGDC
MS 590 National Center
Reston, VA 20192
Fax: 703-648-5755

Before you have the proposals you can prepare for the review by reading the 2011 NSDI CAP announcement.  The PDF version is available at 2011_NSDI_CAP_Announcement.pdf. Please read the Introduction and General Information sections as well as the category section you are reviewing. You should also review Section L. Proposal Narrative, which details the proposal format, the scoring system, and includes a list of required documents that must be in the proposal package.

For the reviews you will be provided with a score sheet.  This year Gita created a fill-able PDF form.  If you have trouble with the form please let her know. 

You will need to complete an individual scoring sheet for each proposal.  Only the summary (the first page) score sheet is needs to be completed but it is recommended that you use the other pages to capture your comments as you do the reviews since these justify the scores given to the individual parts.

There is a size limit given for the proposals (3000 words or about 5 pages).  We are not too strict about the size limit so use your common sense when deducting points for length.

When scoring proposals consider the following:
• Letters of support/commitment
• Collaborations and/or partnerships are important
• Sustainability after the CAP ends is critical
• The NSDI CAP is not for data collection, data purchases, or GIS start ups
• Impact of the project on the overall geospatial community – locally, regionally, statewide, etc.
• Reasonableness of the proposed budget
• Allowed budget items – large hardware purchases are generally not allowed
• Reasonableness of the in-kind budget match
• How will the project outcomes be shared at the end of the project?

For more information about the NSDI CAP please listen to or view the November 2 FGDC webinar.

When reviewing the proposals:
• Do not contact the applicants
• Contact the category lead with any problems or questions
• Keep the proposals confidential—do not discuss them with anyone else, do not share the link or password with anyone else.
• Avoid conflicts of interest—if your personal or financial interests are impacted by reviewing a proposal then please recuse yourself

The category lead will work with the reviewers to set up the teleconference to discuss the outcomes of the individual reviews.  You can modify your review based on discussions during the review team meeting.   The Category 3 and 4 reviews need to be completed by January 27, 2011.  The Category 2 and 6 reviews need to be completed by February 8, 2011.  The Category 1 and 5 reviews should be completed by February 15, 2011.

After the Review is finished:
• The completed scoresheets should be emailed to your Category Lead as soon as review panel has met.
• Use “send via email” button to send the individual score sheets to Gita.  If there is a problem contact Gita,, 703-648-5175. Note:  Only the summary score sheet is needs to be completed.  You can use the other pages to capture your comments as you do the reviews. 
• After reviews are complete delete/shred all other material related to the review.

Thank you!!!!