Framework NSDI and Beyond

This project's goal was to advance development of client software for online Framework Data, with emphasis on integration of ANSI Framework data vector themes. The project staff implemented lessons learned from the previous versions of Gaia 3/IR developed as part of their CAP 2006. The objective was to enhance the Gaia client with Incident Response capabilities. Through this project they developed and tested various technologies, and produced what they believe is not only an improved version of Gaia but the ability for users and developers to grow and enhance the application according to their needs. The new version of Gaia is called Gaia 3.2 with XIR extenders and community feedback indicates that the version developed during throught the NSDI CAP, available at

Final Report  -- Giai 3.2 with XIR extenders

Interim Report - News Release

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Jeff Harrison, Carbon Project, Inc.

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Julia Harrell, North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources