Metadata Outreach And Assistance for Northwest Indiana

The Northwest Indiana Center for Data & Analysis at Indiana University Northwest acts as an administrator for the Northwest Indiana GIS Forum.  In this role they have planned the following metadata outreach and training activities:

1. Continuation of introductory metadata training to local and state spatial data creators, including members of the Northwest Indiana GIS Forum. GIS development among Northwest Indiana communities varies greatly. As communities develop and utilize GIS technology, they will continue to provide metadata outreach and training to support their development. Promotion of FGDC fully compliant metadata compilation will be stressed. Instruction will include how to search for metadata using the Geospatial One-Stop website. Participants will also work with the Online Metadata Tool previously developed jointly by the Northwest Indiana GIS Forum and the Indiana Geological Survey.

2. Many GIS professionals in Northwest Indiana and throughout the state are already familiar with metadata and FGDC metadata standards. In this case, we will create materials for more experienced spatial data creators familiar with metadata. These materials will be geared more towards data development practices. Funding would also be used for presentations using these training materials.

3. A project is presently underway to update geospatial datasets residing on the Indiana Geological Survey’s LakeRim GIS  interactive mapping web site. The Northwest Indiana GIS Forum facilitates organizations to add their digital spatial datasets to this website. They will offer metadata outreach training activities to those organizations in Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties contributing data to this website.

Final Report  -- Value of Metadata Presentation (PDF)

Interim Report

Northwest Indiana GIS Forum


Timothy Sutherland,
Co-chair, Northwest Indiana GIS Forum
Director, Northwest Indiana Center for Data & Analysis

Other contacts:

Cele Morris, 219-981-5612,
Becky McKinley, 219-853-6413 x516,
Kevin Miller, 317-233-5298,