Hands-on Metadata Training for National Park Service Personnel in the New England Region

The Environmental Data Center (EDC) at the University of Rhode Island (URI), and the National Park Service (NPS) will work together to provide individualized metadata training to NPS staff within the Northeast Region (NER). Although many tools exist for writing and understanding metadata, these tools are not fully utilized by many creators and users of GIS data, and many National Parks still lack adequate data documentation procedures. They have found that the most effective metadata training method for NPS personnel is hands-on training using their own data with an experienced metadata trainer. Such individualized training instills confidence by allowing staff to ask questions pertinent to their own datasets. It also allows experienced trainers to monitor the quality of new metadata documents. In effect, it moves the responsible NPS staff person from bewildered inaction to complete competence, confidence and a high level of activity in creating metadata. Trainees are able to create new metadata, convert legacy metadata to FGDC compliant metada and maintain metadata previously completed.

Final Report

Interim Report

Natural Resources and Environmental Management
NPS Field Technical Support Center at the URI


Dr. Peter V. August

Other contacts:

Rebecca Bannon, 401-874-5054, becca@edc.uri.edu
Nigel Shaw, 617-223-5065, Nigel_shaw@nps.gov
Roland Duhaime, 401-874-5406, roland@edc.uri.edu
Charles LaBash, 401-874-2198, labash@edc.uri.edu