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The core value of this project is the resulting business case portfolio by which the Federal Geographic Data Commission (FGDC) and its partners can communicate effectively with all Federal program managers and senior leaders. The portfolio is a means of speaking geographically when geography is not the common language. The business cases will be vetted through the Geo-Enabled Business Practices Committee, of the Geospatial Line of Business, so that as a portfolio they effectively represent the scope of collaborative initiatives that are possible within the Federal community. George Mason University School of Management and M&M Solutions, LLC plan on the business cases offering the opportunity to begin with common interests in National goals and then work backwards into the collaboration process, then the geo-analytic approach, and finally the technical aspects of data and analytic capacity within enterprise architectures. They will rely heavily on insights that can be provided by the Geospatial Line of Business, as it provides confirmations on the feasibility of business cases as they are proposed by our team.

The goal is ensure that the business case portfolio is understandable to the diverse membership of the Federal audience. It is assumed that the audience is not versed in geospatial techniques, but through the introduction to the portfolio, it will ensure that the audience has a basic understanding of the concepts of geographic thinking. The first segment of the audience includes those who have limited understanding of geo-analytics, but know the business management decisions that are critical for program performance. The second segment includes those who generate information through different means to support decision-making. The third segment is those who mange information technology. The value of the portfolio will be increased by addressing both the regular geographic analyses for internal management decisions and geo-analytics required to foster joint initiatives. This distinction will help broaden the appeal of the portfolio to different interests in the Federal audience.

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