Schedule and Categories for 2007 NSDI CAP

Note: The Federal government that funds the CAP is operating under a continuing resolution (CR) for the rest of FY2007.  For information about the CR status go here or learn more about a CR go here.

  • See the full 2007 announcement

  • February 26 update - All categories are now closed for proposal submissions.

  • 2007 NSDI CAP Schedule

     September Text for the announcement in work. 
     October 24 CAP announcement text, DI-1, form 1992 send to Grant Office - November 13 - needs signature from GIO and USGS Director
     November 22 Announcement  posted on-line at
     January 26 Announcement  closes
     February 6 Extension for Category 4 opens
     February 23 Extension for Category 4 closes
     February Proposal reviews directed by CAP category leads
     March Selection approval by FGDC Director
     March Requisitions sent Grants Office – DI-1s and Technical Reports
     March Announcement of selected proposals - Awardees are notified their award is pending 
     March Award grants processed by Grants Office. Performance period will be March 2007 to March 2008. 
     March 25 - 29 Kick-off at NSGIC Midyear Conference in Annapolis, Maryland


    2007 NSDI CAP Funding Categories

    Category 1:  FGDC-Endorsed Standards Implementation Assistance and Outreach
    This category provides funding to organizations to assist in the implementation of FGDC-endorsed standards.  The results of this category will be materials that can provide step-by-step assistance or a roadmap for implementing FGDC-endorsed standards. 
    Maximum award $25,000 (50% in-kind match), approximately 7 projects.
    Lead - Sharon Shin (

    Category 2:  Framework Client Development
    Developing software clients for Framework Data Services provides assistance to advance the development of client software to exploit online Framework Data to support general access to ANSI Framework data vector themes. Software should be integrated and provided as a capability of an existing desktop geographic information system client. 
    Maximum award $75,000 (50% in-kind match), approximately 3 projects. 
    Lead - Doug Nebert (

    Category 3:  Fifty States Initiative
    Strategic and Business Plan Development in Support of the NSDI Future Directions Fifty States Initiative. Projects will develop and implement statewide strategic and business plans that will facilitate the coordination of programs, policies, technologies, and resources that enable the coordination, collection, documentation, discovery, distribution, exchange and maintenance of geospatial information in support of the NSDI and the objectives of the Fifty States Initiative Action Plan. 
    Maximum award $50,000 (50% in-kind match), approximately 10 projects. There could be additional funding opportunities from another agency.
    Lead - Milo Robinson (

    Category 4:  Geo-Enabled Federal Businesses Initiative
    The purpose of this category is to effectively communicate to Federal business managers the value of incorporating geospatial approaches into business processes, especially to those who have had limited experience with geo-enabled decision-making.   Maximum award $50,000 (25% to 50% in-kind match), approximately two awards.
    Lead - Doug Nebert (

    Category 5:  Geographic Information Integration
    The goal of this category is to assist organizations and consortia to work together with the NGPO to develop and provide access to geospatial information that serves regional and local community needs. Participation is sought from those organizations and localities that are seriously considering or are in early stage of building GIS or services with the goal of maintaining, updating, and serving geospatial data of interest to multiple users. Funds may help new participants overcome initial impediments to participation and current participants improve their services as part of the NSDI.  Maximum award $50,000 (100% in-kind match), approximately 4 projects.
    Lead – Jim Mauck (

    NSDI CAP total approximately             $1,200,000      Funded by FGDC-NGPO