Leveraging the NSDI: Empowering Local Incident Response Communities using OpenGIS Web Services and Interoperable Client Applications for Framework Data

The project will focus on the development and deployment of a sustainable, OpenGIS-compliant software application with the capability to meet the business needs of the Incident Response and recovery community for accessing Framework data and sharing event data. “GAIA3/IR” will allow easy access to WMS and WFS services from NC OneMap, The National Map, Geospatial One Stop, and other GIS web service providers.

The target audience for “GAIA3/IR” includes a variety of disciplines. Examples include hazardous waste site inspectors, water quality inspectors, dam safety engineers, wildfire response teams, first responders, debris clean-up agencies, and public information agencies. An example of a specific scenario where “GAIA3/IR” could be used to increase situational awareness is a chemical spill.  Responders from both State and local agencies will need to identify vulnerable populations are relative to the incident, where affected transportation networks, waterways or other environmental concerns exist, and where the most appropriate evacuation routes are located. Often, as in the case of the Charlotte Fire Department, the Haz Mat response team has a multi-county service area which drives the business need for access to seamless, current base map information.  A freely available application designed to support the needs of multiple public sector organizations will benefit many local governments that do not have the means to equip their field staff with customized GIS applications.

UPDATE July 14, 2009:  Gaia 3 is becoming more popular by the month. Downloads from Carbon Project sites is well above 1,000 copies of the software per month. 

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