Go to the Web site for the complete application package.

At the Web site:

1. Click on the orange tab marked "Find Grant Opportunities"
2. Click on the blue link on the left marked "Search Grant Opportunities"
3. Click on the box “Basic Search
4. In the bottom box marked "Search by CFDA Number" type in the CFDA number 15.809 and click on the orange box at the bottom marked “Start Search."

5. Click on the green word marked “Modification1
You are now at the screen that gives a Synopsis of the NSDI Program for 2006
You can review 2006 CAP announcement text at the link "Link to Full Announcement"


6. In order to retrieve the entire program announcement, scroll to the bottom of this synopsis and click on the gray bar marked "Apply for Grant Electronically"
7. At the blue bar, click on the "Instructions Download" link
8. Click on the link at the bottom marked “Download Application Instructions
You will find the full NSDI Program Announcement there.
9. The other link on the blue bar is marked “Application Download." This is the place where you will enter your electronic application. See below.

PureEdge Viewer
You must first install the PureEdge Viewer onto your machine in order to enter your electronic application and fill out the forms.

To download this viewer, go back to the Main Page and click on the Orange Tab marked "Get Started"

In the first paragraph click on the link marked “Apply for Grants” Go to “Apply Step 1” and the link to the viewer is there. It is a small software program that will take only a few minutes to download. There is no cost to download this software.

Once you download the PureEdge Viewer, you will go into the “Application Download” link on the blue bar and find all of the electronic SF-424 forms to be completed. Also, you will paste in your application narrative in the block marked “Project Narrative Attachment Form.”