Training Metadata Trainers for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Region, NC

The goal of this project is to establish a local resource for FGDC metadata training, metadata creation assistance, metadata program implementation support and web mapping services in fifteen counties that surround Charlotte, North Carolina.  Currently, Mecklenburg County, the City of Charlotte and several surrounding agencies have GIS professionals who have received training in metadata creation and are producing metadata but none of these entities have their own program to train metadata creators. This project will take advantage of this local expertise and build upon it by creating a formal training program that the participants agree to sustain in the future by offering metadata training courses open to other agencies in the region. The City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County will each gain two metadata trainers and UNC Charlotte one web mapping instructor through this proposed project. The courses taught by these new trainers will be posted to the FGDC Calendar and the trainers will be registered at the FGDC Metadata Trainer Registry. Training sessions will be publicized through both the Centralina (NC) Council of Governments and the Catawba Regional (SC) COG. This will provide staff from smaller municipalities and counties in the region with an opportunity to receive metadata and web mapping services training without traveling great distances and will establish a network for future assistance.

This project was cancelled.

The Center for Applied Geographic Information Science


Paul Smith, University of North Carolina at Charlotte