Sonoma Ecology Center Metadata Training and Data Catalog Coordination

Managed by the Sonoma Ecology Center, this project will provide the necessary outreach and education to promote a regional inventory of spatial data and environmental information.  Products and activities of this project are:

1. Two workshops will be held to teach members of the San Francisco North Bay Initiative to create libraries of FGDC-compliant metadata and share them using the technology developed by the California Environmental Digital Library Network (CalEDLN) effort.

2. Ongoing support will be made available through the San Francisco North Bay Initiative’s communication portal, by phone, and in person by project staff.

3. A website will be developed to support the ongoing regional library network with easy-to-access standards and instructions for participation.

Final Report

California Environmental Resources Evaluation System


Deanne DiPietro
707-996-0712 Ext. 114

Other Contact:

Richard Dale
707-996-0712 ext 106