Enhancing Missouri's Local Government Geospatial Capabilities

Building on the success of Missouri's 2004 CAP Missouri Spatial Data Information Service (MSDIS) will provide the following:

  1. Advanced GIS training. (ESRI’s Introduction to ArcGIS II and an additional day of training based on customer surveys)
  2. Upgraded TNM services - to more directly support focused (“Stuctures”) geodatabase creation and submission through web interfaces and a service oriented architecture.
  3. Under the auspices of the Missouri Geographic Information System Advisory Committee continue to expand and formalize the active coordination outreach between local government, state, and federal GIS activities.
  4. Provide support for local government entities regarding funding opportunities in the form of grant information, grant templates and assistance and partnerships to apply.
  5. Shore-up TNM availability through redundancy to build the trust and responsiveness so critical for local governments to consider developing local emergency response applications on their data served at MSDIS.

Final Report

Interim Report

Missouri Spatial Data Information Service


Timothy Haithcoat

Mark Duewell