Developing A Strategic Plan for GIS in Wisconsin

The purpose of this project is to develop a strategic plan for geospatial information (GIS) in the State of Wisconsin. This plan will provide a blueprint to address the organizational, fiscal and technical needs of a statewide, integrated geospatial infrastructure.

This plan will specify the needs for improved geospatial coordination and integration between all levels of government and the private sector. It will also build upon the geospatial infrastructure and programs already well established in this state. It is anticipated the plan will further expand upon our goal to improve GIS coordination utilizing the National State Geographic Information Council’s (NSGIC’s) “Fifty Sate Initiative” model and will identify strategies to move more efficiently and quickly down that path.

Final Report -- Strategic Plan

Wisconsin Land Information Association


Ann Barrett, CAE, WLIA Executive Services Manager

Kenneth Pabich, WLIA President, Calumet County GIS Administrator
920-849-2361 ext. 263

Ted Koch, Wisconsin State Cartographer

Dick Vraga, Wisconsin Geography Liaison, US Geological Survey

Harald (Jordy) Jordahl, Director, Division of Intergovernmental Relations, Wisconsin Department of Administration

Other Contacts:
Frederick Halfen, WILA President

Alissa Bails, WLIA Past President

Jerome Sullivan, GIS data Specialist, Wiscosnsin Department of Administration

David Hart, Coastal GIS Specialist, UW Sea Grant Institute