Richland County, ND - Geographic Information Coordination

The aim of this project is to establish, define, and enhance the already productive cooperative and coordinated GIS activities of the Community GIS Technical Committee (CGISTC), serving the larger region of the Southern Red River Basin of the Dakotas and Minnesota through seeking to comply with stated National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) standards and implementing solutions that meet with the National States Geographic Information Council’s (NSGIC’s) Coordination Criteria as outlined in the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) 50 States Initiative. Further aims of this project include the development of a strategic, business, and data development plan to dovetail into any existing state plan, to further develop the most appropriate governance model as a coordinating body, to further develop an appropriate financial model to work under, and to establish an action plan from an existing plan for outreach and data discovery oriented workshops, presentations, training materials or other resources.

Final Report
Interim Report

Richland County GIS


Mr. Doug Bartels
(701) 642-7860

Other Contacts:

Mr. Bob Nutsch
(701) 328-3212

Mr. Harris Bailey
(701) 642-7703

Mr. Randy Nelson
(701) 642-6565