Transitioning NC OneMap to a Statewide Host Site on The National Map

The NC Center for Geographic Information & Analysis (CGIA), plans to transition of the NC OneMap service from Earth Resources Observation Systems Data Center (EDC) in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to CGIA.  To complete the transition the CGIA will do the following tasks:

  • Develop a transition plan in collaboration with EDC staff;
  • Determine which datasets to transfer;
  • Install the Internet mapping application on CGIA’s system and modify the programs as needed, to include
    • transfer and setup of mySQL Catalog;
    • modification of viewer to use catalog at CGIA;
    • modification of header/footer and linking information;
    • transfer and setup of address lookup tool and routing ESRI services; and
    • transfer and setup of elevation and elevation profile services;
  • Convert state data layers managed by CGIA to map services that take advantage of current database technology and serve from CGIA;
  • Test the application and modify as needed;
  • Switch the host address to the new CGIA installation;
  • Document the methods, adjustments, and lessons learned; and
  • Provide outreach to other states through conference presentations as determined jointly with FGDC.

Users of The National Map and NC OneMap, including NGPO, GOS, and the State of North Carolina, will recognize numerous benefits once the transition is complete.

Final Report
Interim Report

North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and Analysis


Joe Sewash