Wisconsin’s Transportation Data Sharing using OGC-WFS Service

The objective of this project is to develop a Wisconsin model for integration and sharing of transportation network data at the feature level in real time over the Web, which is compatible with OGC-WFS 1.1 specifications.  Feature level means accessing and exchanging data at the individual feature (a location represented by a point, line, or a polygon) level rather than at the file level as is the common practice in data sharing.  The project will deploy OGC WFS interfaces using both ESRI’s ArcIMS WFS Connector/ArcGIS Server technology and GeoServer, an open source software, to respond to Web “POST” requests for transportation features, and to return the data that conforms to the draft ANSI/INCITS L1 Standard for the transportation theme in the format given by OGC Geography Markup Language (GML) Version 3.1 or higher.

Final Report

Interim Report

Graphical client for WMS/WFS Service

Center for Advanced Spatial Information Research


Zhong-Ren Peng, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Other Contacts:

Yanlin Weng, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee