FGDC Releases ISO Geospatial Metadata Editors Registry

The Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) has released the ISO Geospatial Metadata Editors Registry application to share information across the NSDI community about tools that can be used to create ISO compliant metadata. This online Registry provides comparative descriptions about the editor features, functionality, supported standards, and points of contact.

The Registry is available at:

Software developers are encouraged to provide input about their applications and expand the number of available ISO Geospatial Metadata Editors in the Registry. Another Registry feature allows users to provide individual reviews of different tools. User reviews may be submitted by FGDC Metadata Working Group (MWG) members only. If you are interesting in submitting a user review and would like to join the MWG, please email a request to  fgdc@fgdc.gov  with your name, organization, and email address.

Special thanks to GeoNetwork, CatMDEdit, ESRI, Jennifer Walter (USGS), Doug Newcomb (USFWS), and Kathy Martinolich (NOAA/RTI) for testing and providing feedback on the application.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Carlino, FGDC Metadata Coordinator,  jcarlino@usgs.gov.