Enabling Transparency for Geospatial Portfolio Management

The FGDC announces the availability of the A–16 National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) Theme Summary and Dataset Reports and the associated GeoPlatform.gov Performance Dashboard. This information provides consistent reporting for facilitating management of the A–16 NGDA geospatial portfolio as part of the implementation of the NGDA Management Plan (NGDA MP). The NGDA MP is the 3-year process developed to implement NGDA portfolio management as outlined in the OMB Circular A-16 Supplemental Guidance (2010). These outputs are the result of efforts by the NGDA Theme Leads and Dataset Managers across the Federal agencies.

The 177 NGDA Dataset Reports contain points of contact, links to metadata, and output from the 2015 Lifecycle Maturity Assessment (LMA), which provides key information about each NGDA Dataset. The 16 Theme Summary Reports contain information about the Theme, an overview of the Theme’s NGDA Dataset maturity and a summary table. The GeoPlatform.gov Performance Dashboard visualizes the information from the 2015 NDGA LMA as well as a summary aggregation. For NGDA Datasets with identified Web services, the dashboard also shows Web service availability and reliability. The dashboard is available to anyone but requires a GeoPlatform.gov login. Instructions to create an account are on the login page.

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