Activate the server (zserver)

Change directory to the Isite/bin directory and initiate the following command as a background process (note the &) so you retain control of the terminal window. You may eventually choose to redirect its output to the /dev/null device (UNIX's garbage can... zserver > /dev/null &) if you don't want to see transactions in this window every time someone connects.

zserver &

CNIDR zserver, Version 2.00.06, Copyright (c) 1995,1996,1997 MCNC/CNIDR

Looking for map files in /home/dnebert/Isite-fgdc/bin/
Attempting to mount database fgdcmeta...success.
Listening on port 2210...
Forking Server Started, Port 2210...
Waiting to Accept client...

You can now go to test the zserver process using an interactive or command line process (See "test server"). Back to Imagemap