Local search test

This is a command-line interface meant mostly for debugging or text-based retrieval and is run as a text or telnet-based process. It is not designed for "public" access.

CNIDR Isearch, Version X.XX.XX
Copyright (c) 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 MCNC/CNIDR

Isearch [-d (X)] // Search database with root name (X).
[-and] // Perform boolean "and" on results.
[-rpn] // Interpret as an RPN query.
[-RECT{North South West East}] // Find targets that overlap
// this geographic rectangle.
(X) (Y) (...) // Search for words (X), (Y), etc.
// [fieldname/]searchterm[*][:n]
// Prefix with fieldname/ for fielded searching.
// Append * for right truncation.
// Append :n for term weighting (default=1).
// (Use negative values to lower rank.)
Try Isearch on your indexed collection using the following example as guidance:

Isearch -d /index_dir/your_index_name -rpn title/water title/quality and
using your full pathname to the "index" directory and substitute the "your_index_name" for whatever you named your database in the Iindex command.

The rpn stands for Reverse Polish Notation, one approach to composing queries in which the terms are placed in a list and followed by the operator. In this example, the user is looking for water in the title field AND quality in the title field. Try using terms you know should exist in your documents in specific fields. Notice that even bounding coordinate queries can be posed by the Isearch interface!

You should now have successfully tested that the local index is working correctly. The index is not yet connected to the server, so outside users will not yet have access until the server process is activated in the next step.

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