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Indexing your metadata (Iindex)

The Iindex command (case-sensitive) of the Isite package creates an efficient index of the occurence of numbers or text within delimited "fields" or file structures as well as within the full-text of the document. This is analogous to creating a database based on document (text file) contents rather than requiring that a separate searchable database be built in a package such as Oracle or Access. For metadata that are managed as "documents" this type of indexing makes sense.

Command syntax

CNIDR Iindex, Version X.XX.XX
Copyright (c) 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 MCNC/CNIDR

Iindex [-d (X)] // Use (X) as the your_index_name for database files.
[-m (X)] // Load (X) megabytes of data at a time for indexing
// (default=1, suggest multiples of 4).
[-t (X)] // Index as files of document type (X).
[-o (X)] // Document type specific option.
(X) (Y) (...) // Index files (X), (Y), etc.
The basic elements you need to execute this command are:
  • a database or index rootname name to create (e.g. fgdcmeta)
  • a set of files to index (*.xml)
  • a document definition file (fgdc.fields)
  • a document type (fgdc)

Change directory to the "metadata" directory containing the triplicates of your metadata entries, and run the Iindex command as so:

Iindex -d /index_dir/your_index_name -t fgdc -o fieldtype=fgdc.fields *.xml
  • the indexer will create a set of index files with the rootname 'your_index_name' in the "index_dir" directory
  • the document type is specified as type FGDC (-t fgdc)
  • certain fields will be specified for indexing as numbers rather than as words, the default (-o fieldtype=fgdc.fields)
  • all targets in the current directory ending with .xml will be indexed
Note: If you are planning on keeping only the XML form of the metadata online, Isite supports the ability now to declare a filter program that is used to generate the other forms. The mp program can be invoked to convert the XML to HTML, text, and other forms on-the-fly with the addition of the argument below to the Iindex line:

-o filter="\some_dir\mp"
This option will save diskspace and simplify metadata maintenance.

The Iindex command will report each document it processes. Under modern architectures, several entries will be indexed per second.

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2006 06:10 PM
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