Depth Datum Name


"Local surface"
"Chart datum; datum for sounding reduction"
"Lowest astronomical tide"
"Highest astronomical tide"
"Mean low water"
"Mean high water"
"Mean sea level"
"Land survey datum"
"Mean low water springs"
"Mean high water springs"
"Mean low water neap"
"Mean high water neap"
"Mean lower low water"
"Mean lower low water springs"
"Mean higher high water"
"Mean higher low water"
"Mean lower high water"
"Spring tide"
"Tropic lower low water"
"Neap tide"
"High water"
"Higher high water"
"Low water"
"Low-water datum"
"Lowest low water"
"Lower low water"
"Lowest normal low water"
"Mean tide level"
"Indian spring low water"
"High-water full and charge"
"Low-water full and charge"
"Columbia River datum"
"Gulf Coast low water datum"
"Equatorial springs low water"
"Approximate lowest astronomical tide"
"No correction"
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