Emergency Management Symbology Download
(Version 2.20, Released: September 14, 2005)

If you want to be notified of future updates and the progress of the standard, you can join this list-serve: http://lists.floodmaps.net/cgi-bin/lyris.pl?join=hswg-symbology

To download the prototype symbology set, read the following disclaimer, then click the “Download Symbols” button.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware these symbols are a draft prototype, provided as is, and no warranty is given or implied as to their present usability or their future adoption as a standard. There is no technical support provided for their use. In all products that incorporate one or more of the symbols, the user agrees to characterize the symbols as a draft prototype. Any redistribution of the symbols individually or as a set carries the same conditions. It is likely some of the symbols WILL change as a result of our evaluation process. Joining the hswg-symbology e-mail list-serve will help you recieve information regarding updates to the Emergency Management Symbology. The symbols, in any form, are considered a Government work, and therefore not subject to copyright protection.

NOTE: The symbology set provided at this site is only available in True Type Font format at this time. However, a nice set of ESRI Markers has been developed by Jim Mossman of Digital Deja View. They can be downloaded from the ESRI Arcscripts site.

I have read the disclaimer and agree to all the terms mentioned above.

Symbology Version History

Version 2.20 - September 14, 2005

Version 2.00 - July 14, 2004

Version 1.00 - November 2003


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